5 Reasons to Consider Getting Married Abroad


While planning a wedding can be a very exciting time for many couples, it can also be an extremely busy, stressful time, as there is so much to organise. This includes the church or venue for the ceremony, the reception venue, catering, outfits, wedding cake, the honeymoon and so much more.

Some couples want to commit to one another but do not want the hassle of a huge wedding that takes forever to organise and involves inviting huge numbers of people that they may not even have seen for years. This can make the whole affair stressful and complicated, making the wedding seem more like a chore than one of the most special days ever.


Do things a little differently with a wedding abroad

One solution for couples who want to have a day to remember but also want to keep things simple and uncomplicated is to consider getting married abroad. More and more couples are getting married abroad these days, and for very good reason. This is a solution that offers a huge number of benefits, making the big day far more special for the couple and the run up to the wedding far less stressful.

While there are many reasons to consider getting married abroad, 5 of the key ones include:

      Far less to organise: Organising even a relatively modest wedding at home can be a real chore. Unless you have the money to get a wedding planner to organise it all for you, you’ll have a lot of hard work ahead of you, sorting out everything from the guest list and venues to catering and entertainment. If you get married abroad, you can choose from a huge range of beautiful venues and hotels in a range of stunning locations around the world. Pretty much everything is sorted out for you, so all you need to do is provide the necessary documents.

      Invitations: Working out who you should and should not invite to your wedding at home can be extremely stressful. Budgetary constraints mean you can only go for a certain number of guests, so you have to work out who to invite. On top of this, you have the dreaded task of inviting people you don’t really want there just because you feel obligated to. When you get married abroad, you can keep your wedding intimate and take along just your nearest and dearest. Of course, you can invite other guests, but they will have to foot the bill in terms of getting there. You may want to pay for your close family such as parents and siblings, but even this can work out cheaper than throwing a huge bash at home for hundreds of people you barely know or have not seen for donkey’s years.

      Great weather: One thing that most couples dread is bad weather on the big day. British weather is very unpredictable, and even if you have planned a nice spring wedding in April, there is no guarantee that you won’t have rain or even snow. When you book the perfect location abroad, you are pretty much guaranteed glorious sunshine and warmth, which is perfect for your wedding day.

      Stunning surroundings: Of course, there are some lovely places to get married in the UK, with lush greenery and pretty surroundings for your wedding photos. However, when you head abroad, you can choose from some wonderful settings, whether they are mountainous backdrops, beach or ocean surroundings. These will not only be perfect for the wedding day itself but will also provide you with some stunning wedding photos to treasure for years to come.


      Combined honeymoon: When you get married abroad, you can forget about the hassle of getting changed after the wedding reception, packing, and heading off on your honeymoon when you are already tired out from all the wedding arrangements. A wedding abroad means that you are already on your honeymoon, so once the proceedings are over, you can kick back and really start enjoying yourself. Vietnam became a popular wedding destination for young British couples. Most of them prefer renting villas in Tay Ho district Hanoi, villas here are with excellent facilities.

Weddings can be very costly affairs. However, you will find that it can work out much cheaper to get married abroad in an intimate ceremony with a small number of close friends and family. It is pretty easy to have a budget wedding abroad and you can add to the savings pot for your glorious overseas wedding in a number of little ways. For example, you can de-clutter your home ready for after the wedding – get rid of stuff you don’t want any longer by holding a car boot sale, clear out your wardrobe, sell your old clothes and get rid of old gadgets and devices by recycling them and getting some money for them into the process.

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