6 Tips and Tricks to Find Cheaper Properties for Rent in Vietnam


Phu Quoc

A lot of things have changed in the Vietnamese apartment rent scene. The country has been one of the most popular places to spend retirement for a lot of people. It’s easier than ever to get long term rentals in Vietnam thanks to more renting options for different price ranges. Here are some tips and tricks to find a property for rent more cheaply and conveniently.

Phu Quoc

1.     Skip the broker and go to the internet

Sure, contacting a broker to do the searching and negotiating is very convenient. But you need to take note that you’re paying for extra costs for a job that you can do yourself. Only hire brokers to find the right property to rent if you don’t have time and extra money to do so. Else, better check the information available online, which is free.

2.     Tag a vietnamese friend along (if you have any)

You can get help from a Vietnamese friend if you have one. Tag him or her along during your hunt. Ask if the price you’re being offered is fair or not. Another way of saving money is by letting your friend call for you to ask the price and schedule the appointment. A lot of renting establishments will try to raise a price if a foreigner is the one inquiring for a property.

Cau Giay property for rent

3.     Unfurnished property is better for most cases

The price for a furnished house is significantly higher than that of an unfurnished property. Although this option is very convenient for those who can’t be bothered, it’s not the case if you’re trying to save money. Instead of spending more money on additional furnishings monthly, get an unfurnished property, and buy your furniture instead.

4.     Can ride a you motorbike or not?

If you need to be near a specific place for work, and nearby options are too expensive, one of the things you can do is to assess your motorbike skills. Traffic in Vietnam is a wild one: it will most likely be wilder than in your home country. Rent a property near your workplace and use a motorbike to get there every morning. That way, you’ll get housing and transportation in both budgets.

Hanoi condos for rent

5.     Ask when was the property built

Most properties built during the ‘80s and ‘90s are becoming obsolete. Although these seem like a cheaper option, you’ll likely be plagued with inconveniences in the long run. Opt for a more modern property so you can enjoy modern features in your rented property.

6.     Prices vary based on location

Last but not least, be aware that rent prices vary significantly based on location. If you went to District 1, you could rent a room for as low as $125 a month, but you’d have to compromise for a lot of things. At $250 – $350 price range, you can get comfortable properties from D5 and other suburban districts. Meanwhile, you can get luxury apartments for $400 to $800 on Districts 1, 2, 7, and nearby.

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