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Ancient legends and tales still dominate the lives of Bora Bora’s nearly 5,800 inhabitants. No matter how modern their lives can be the ancient folklore and traditions as seen in their songs and dances prevail. The cultural myths are believed to be from the Polynesian gods and are hailed sacred by the people in the islands. Visitors who come for a vacation to Bora Bora all inclusive resorts by are witnesses to their festivities and celebrations that are a mirror to their rich and interesting culture. Leis and heis (crowns) of lush tropical flowers are often given to visitors as a sign of welcome. There is nothing like being surrounded with the smell of these flowers and is still a ritual that is very much alive in the modern days of Bora Bora.

Ancient stone temples were destroyed by Protestants in the 19th century with the aim of influencing the natives to change their faith. However, traces of traditions that centers on ancient customs and superstitions still remain today and shall be passed along by means of tales, just like the rest of their culture.

Tahitian dances are prevalent in their culture and is a proof of Polynesian’s rich culture. Their dances are linked to all aspects of their life, including celebrations, praise, worship, and even in mating. Tahitian dance is usually accompanied by traditional musical instrument like drums and nasal flutes.

Another interesting element in the culture of Bora Bora is the handicraft. Indigenous materials are the main pieces in Bora Bora crafts and are seen in their room decors, drums, bowls, and home accents.

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