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Caribbean cruise

Caribbean cruise vacation

Planning to go on a Caribbean cruise? You need to decide two things in advance – when you’re going and where. Read on for useful information to help you make those choices.

New Zealand, Cathedral Cove beach, Coromandel peninsula

New Zealand vacation guide

New Zealand’s wild, elemental beauty made it the perfect locale for filming Lord of the Rings. For this is a raw land of sheer mountains, icy glaciers, swift flowing rivers and geysers that spout from the hot earth.

Hawaii Kona Beach

Vacation activities in Hawaii

Finding vacation activities in Hawaii isn’t hard. Basically, your number one activity will be hanging out on the beach. There is more than one way to do this, however. Swimming can be fun, and sunbathing is a necessity, but you should consider some other Hawaiian activities while you’re at it. For example, just renting or […]

San Diego beach

San Diego beaches

San Diego is offered up as a great destination for people looking to take a vacation on the beach. Here are some recommendations on San Diego beaches from a local.

Costa Rica tropical beach with palm trees in Jaco

Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

With only 2.5 hours (approx 117 km) drive from the capitol, San José, Jacó beach or playa Jacó is one of the most visited beaches in Costa Rica. The long sandy beach has a shape and ocean floor that promotes big waves, very much to the delight of most surfers visiting Costa Rica.

Malta, Blue lagoon, Comino island

Malta vacation guide

The Mediterranean island of Malta is one of the major tourist destinations for many West-European countries and is gaining popularity outside of Europe as well.

Hawaii, Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Oahu

Oahu vacation

The island of Oahu in Hawaii is both beautiful and diverse.  A majority of people are drawn here to the excitement of Waikiki Beach with its colorful clubs and taste filled restaurants.

Australia, Whitehaven Beach Bay, Queensland

Australia beach vacations

A tour to Australia is surely a wonderful experience, what with the panoramic views available as far as the eyes can see, warm people who are willing to accommodate both local and foreign tourists, the wide range of food that will surely satisfy a visitor’s craving, and most of all the sprawling beautiful beaches that […]