Fijian beaches


A good example of one of the many types of beaches in Fiji. This beach is a rocky-shallow-type beach with fine white sand.

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4 Replies to “Fijian beaches”

  1. Yawalapiti says:

    Dude you are in a different part of Fiji thats why the beaches are a little rocky

  2. 2Luke says:

    yeah i swim at huntington beach most of the time… super long beaches, water is cold as fuk, but waves are bigger.
    in fiji the best beaches near suva are 45minutes drive away in pacific harbour… i swim there alot too with my friends. warm to cool water.

  3. wroadhouse says:

    this is a poor example, there are many “post card” type of beaches throughout Fiji.

  4. DJPashn says:

    Looks nice dood! I need to get there

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