Malta Beaches and Coastline


Malta Beaches and Coastline

Some of the terrific sandy Malta beaches and spectacular coastline that you can see on the Maltese islands … For more info on this captivating Mediterranean island, log on to: We’re on Facebook too! Find us at
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19 Replies to “Malta Beaches and Coastline”

  1. skeletonribs says:

    @sexerri yes my mum’s forcing me coz im still 14… and learning the language is compulsory

  2. sexerri says:

    @skeletonribs Why do you care…why do you have to learn our language? is someone forcing you to stay in Malta? if so you can leave…

  3. hrubylesnov says:

    Boycot Malta. They kill over 5 million birds every year. They don´t deserve our money.

  4. skeletonribs says:

    thnk god i have no maltese blood.if i did i would have committed suicide long time agoo

  5. skeletonribs says:

    i bloody hate malta..FUCK ALL YE DAMN MALTESE PEOPLEE .. your gonna burn in hell…and it doesnt seem as nice as what your all saying..ive gotta learn the bloody language if i like it or not.. every subject is is maltese and i dont even know it…

  6. MaltaBulb says:

    @buggalug46 … Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. 9 times! that’s incredible 🙂 Yes the Jerma Palace has indeed been abandoned. A new luxury hotel and apartments are supposed to be replacing it. The project is apparently behind schedule – I haven’t seen much progress on it as yet.

    Thank you for taking a moment to comment on our channel.

    Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world 🙂

  7. buggalug46 says:

    Malta is as close to my idea of paradise as it gets. I have been there 9 times, but the hotel I used to stay at has been abandoned and from what a friend told me, is almost derelict. Such a shame. It was the Jerma Palace at Marsascala. Fantastic hotel and great staff.
    I’m living the other side of the world now, but still think of Malta.

  8. MaltaBulb says:

    @IStEaLtH09I … wow 4th time! yes September is generally still quite hot in Malta. Comino’s Blue Lagoon is truly magical 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yourself and thanks for dropping by!

  9. IStEaLtH09I says:

    Went to Malta for my 4th time back in the start of September , It was still soo hot reaching 33 on average everyday, My best moment was going to Comino Blue Lagoon, It was soo good i went there twice in 1 week 😀 (Y) Happy days!

  10. TheEuropeanDream says:

    fuck malta and Maltese people, they are lazy faggots.. that is why they hire romanians to work in this shithole called malta as doctors,engineers and so on.they need immigrants to do their jobs because maltese people are idiot and retarded.malta is the ugliest country in the world.ROMANIA RULLZ,Malta is ugly.MALTA SUCKS.Romania is the most beautiful country.MALTA IS UGLY, RIGHT NOW I AM PEEING ON MALTESE FLAG,IT FEELS SO GREAT..FUCK MALTA,YEAH..ALL MALTESE PEOPLE SHOULD DIE,I HATE MALTESE PEOPLE

  11. fisforfriday says:

    @cindrellasunshine i know right

  12. fisforfriday says:

    damn i missed tat place the beaches where hella blue and where building tat were very pretty i misss malta the place was just soo peaceful no ganges no roppings no cussings soo peacefull

  13. hrubylesnov says:

    I´m reading very strange reports about Malta. People there seem to kill birds by the millions, just for the fun of it. Now is that sick or what. Something must be seriously wrong with those people.

  14. MaltaBulb says:


    thanks for dropping by and commenting on the vid!

  15. goldielocks591 says:

    love malta! but its changed so much.

  16. hodkovice says:

    Malta kills 5 million migrating birds every year, just for the fun of it. Never go there on a vacation please.

  17. MaltaBulb says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for commenting … So much have changed in Malta since 1969-70. But many visitors still find the islands captivating … I think it’s time for you to visit Malta again 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.



  18. cindrellasunshine says:

    I use to live there in 1969-70. I want to go back!!!

  19. BigCow24 says:

    Awesome beaches! Wow!

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