Mykonos, Greece: Platys Gialos Beach

An afternoon at Platys Gialos Beach in Mykonos, Greece. A segment I created when I was hired to document a group’s yacht trip.

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  1. Davidovar34 says:

    DIslike for censoring the boobs

  2. mathgeek1978 says:

    Nice!  I wanna be there!

  3. Karl Phillips says:

    hey good videop  man

  4. Loveleiscool says:

    greek beaches are beautiful

  5. MARIO01230 says:

    love Greece

  6. G1RLg4m3rCYP says:

    best place in the world,,, iv been there, its was so nc. heaven 😀 greece 4 life

  7. eliazourosqw says:

    i love this video ! wow !

  8. mykonoos2020 says:

    Congratulations for the video my friend! I hope you took part in all the fun apart from shooting the video….