Thassos Island a great island in Northern Greece! See this amazing beach!
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  1. Catwoman4411 says:

    fuck you beach bar!!!

  2. Chica198888 says:

    i went to that beach by accident, but unfortunately it was already full of people,listening the worst music ever came from the beach bar.. i’m jealous that some people at least had the chance to enjoy it before that..

  3. medadaca says:

    Zbog ove plaze smo odlucili da leto provedemo na tasosu..bilo je prelepo..za mene Saliara je najlepsa plaza na tasosu a mislim da je u 3 naj u celoj grckoj

  4. trancedman says:

    True, true. I hate when people ruin beautiful places to do crap for money. FUCK THEM.

  5. truckerchuck01 says:

    Not waww anymore, it was paradise until stupid people made it to a noisy disco. i have spend manny houres here but the place is ruined, loud tam tam music and. hundreds of people have spoiled this beach

  6. ThePisiKitty says:

    its wow!!! i cant wait to go there