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Bermuda beach

Bermuda honeymoon vacation

Bermuda is a relaxed island with a captivating blend of British and African heritages A honeymoon in Bermuda will be an experience you will never want to forget! Cricket matches, cups of tea, pastel colored cottages, pink sand beaches and reggae music are all ingredients in its unique cultural mix.

Bermuda sand beach

Bermuda Cruise Vacations

Taking Bermuda cruise vacations can be an amazing experience. Experience through sailing many islands in this chain and get to see Bermuda in a completely different way. Sail by remote beaches, stay in port for several days giving you time to explore the place, eat delicious foods, experience the pink beaches, and let the staff […]

Bermuda, Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach in Bermuda

Renowned as one of the finest resorts in this North Atlantic island, Elbow Beach in Bermuda dates back from 1908 and since then, it has undergone a lot of changes. Recently, most of their guest rooms have been renovated to have that whole new design. It is part of Mandarin Oriental Corporation who has a […]

Scuba Diving in Bermuda

Bermuda Scuba Diving

The magnificent coral reefs and shallow wreck dives has made Bermuda a famous destination for divers from around the world all-year round. Four hundred square kilometers of reef is waiting to be explored, carrying an assortment of beautiful tropical fish and corals, and a large number of wrecks that can be found in the area […]