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  1. Sunliner83 says:

    Edit: just saw it. 02.06.

  2. Sunliner83 says:


    What time of the year you went to Maya Bay? I was there 2 days ago. The Weather was perfect, but on “The Beach” are hundreds of people!!! Horrible 🙁 So whats the best time of the year to get on Phi Phi Ley?

    Thank you

    Btw. Leo was not there 🙂

  3. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    thanks for uploading…i summer spot to consider…

  4. mik009x says:

    @eliazourosqw So how is your vacation?)

  5. nurz33 says:

    Guys the beaches in Thailand are amazing. I lived in bkk and used to go down the south at least once a year. The one in Krabi is called Paradise island. Been there and it was like a paradise.the water was very clear. Anyway if you dont have much time you go to samet instead not too bad but the south is the best 🙂

  6. mararies20 says:

    awesome views! awesome vid!

  7. maleyaehkhu says:

    i miss thiland.

  8. MkI3ioio says:

    Welcome to thailand :)

  9. luislopezfleitas says:

    amazing! i think im going to thailand in may 2012.. im from southamerica.. that experience its going to be great!

  10. mecxy1 says:

    vendita la madre tierra que hermosa es gracias al todo poderoso  es lo mas bello en este planeta desgracida mente no lomerecemos poreso la madre tierra esta arta delos que la dañamos y ya estarde maldigo atodos los gobiernos con toda su maldita raza yprecidentes …. maggy de tijuana b c n

  11. dragonhousebook says:

    Nice work on this video. Phi Phi is an amazing place. The people are friendly, the prices reasonable, the excursions exciting. Several great novels have been set in the Ko Phi Phi area. “The Beach” and “Cross Currents” are thrilling novels that bring the islands of southern Thailand to life.

  12. makechlp says:

    creo que la cancion se llama Porcelain y es de Moby, eso seguro

  13. albaaricoqueeee says:

    alguien sabe como se llama la cancion? es que me encanta!!!!!:)) graciaS!

  14. albaaricoqueeee says:

    alguien sabe comoo se llama la cancionnn, k m enkAAnta!! MErsii!

  15. kjuuliic says:

    i was there in october. im crying now because the memories. :;(

  16. albaaricoqueeee says:

    anyone can tell me the name of the song please? is that nose as it is called i love it, thanks

  17. odonnelcris says:

    que baita picoo pra fumar uma erva

  18. Dijaveen says:

    @GothikPictures “well we dont care” …exellent spoken …just proving my point .. excuses ..excuses …excuses the end its gonna bite your arse ,…forever …

  19. Dijaveen says:

    Its a Paradise waiting to be released …from farangs, pollution, and thai chinese corrupt government, that supress and enslave the indigenous thai … But as a tourist you NEVER see this …or want to see it …I live there .. now for more than 3 years ..I see .. I know .. All you tourists who come, are sooo shallow ..all you see is your own selfish enjoyment and pleasures ..I hope THAT ruined your next trip! 🙂

  20. BigBossDaddy175 says:

    It is a true paradise

  21. 2000skbh says:

    i love thailand.. beautiful..

  22. SKUNKMAN1221 says:

    i love thailand girl

  23. lolamaylondon says:

    2 weeks baby! bring it! 😛

  24. beaminlight says:

    I’m going there next september !!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

  25. slikovalera says:

    This is really the place from the movie “the beach” !!!

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