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  1. 252murdeaaagang says:

    yoo am out there this summer d t f the fuck upppppp

  2. heatism says:

    let’s do this! Miami spring break 2012!!!

  3. djcountry1985 says:

    Roscoe dash – ball all day

  4. labelletowana says:

    miami chicks don’t play.

  5. numbersmanpro says:

    I was there!! MIA!! and Nice editing!!! 

  6. hcraviotto9 says:

    Let’s go to hell….

  7. caligood18 says:

    this year baby can’t wait!!

  8. GOcgyFLAMESgo says:

    @JesusChristRulesYOU hear ye brother!

  9. JesusChristRulesYOU says:

    Sorry but those girls need to put on more clothes and wear less makeup because acting like a whore is illegal. You can’t have sex until after you are married, and plus if you don’t give your life to Christianity you will goto hell and burn forever that is a fact.

  10. EdenWorld14 says:

    Boys & girls: how can u want to be in a serious relationship after watching this?? lol

  11. jn010jn says:

    @TheBigBUCKSSS lmaooo i agree

  12. kapor23 says:

    where this place i wanna come here ohhhhhhh it’s beautiful especially the girls take me to hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. killersushi99 says:

    Ah yes the white woman the forbidden fruit. LoLz!

  14. TINGLEY123 says:

    sounds like messy times-uk

  15. nevaonsafety says:

    them bitches drunk as fuck

  16. mmuttonbird says:

    I sound like an idiot i know; but whats spring break? (I’m Australian :3)

  17. stepsitalia says:

    when’s the 2011 spring break in Miami.!??

  18. MrFreshxKicks says:

    0:58 bad ass bitches cant wait im goin there 2012 ill be 21 shits gonna be wild

  19. Rudegirl91 says:

    @missliteeyes22 oh i’m sure you look better -.-

  20. forged007 says:

    spring break 2011 ‘nek minnit’ teen mom season 10,11 12,13,14,15……..

  21. therockandrollstar1 says:

    ew they ole white cheese smellin pussy look stank close yall stank funky legs ew gross

  22. Jokaeel says:

    Checkt ma das hier out: Kö’laa – Highty Tighty

    Spring Break Europe 2012 !!!!!

  23. parachuteboi says:

    where are the hot beach bodies. only uglies in this video

  24. TheBigBUCKSSS says:

    black people ruined south beach lol

  25. xDUxEXcluSIvE says:

    Insta boner if girl @ 1:20 was grinding on me