Where to Find Condos Under 300K in Toronto?


toronto waterfront condos

About 6.2 million people are living in Toronto, and that number keeps on increasing. Many of them have someplace they can call home, while a significant percentage of the people are interested in their first home or want to switch their old home with a new one.

Condos are a popular option for those that want to settle in some of Toronto’s neighborhoods. It’s a bit unfortunate about condos that they can be really expensive, and many can’t afford to buy them or get sufficient financing from the banks.

However, that doesn’t mean that one cannot find cheap condos within Toronto. One way to find such condos on listings and go from one building to another building to check what’s offered. For example, you might be looking at the Roncesvalles condos in one moment, and the next, you are at the opposite side of town looking in some other building. That’s an approach that works but often means skipping work to scout for condos.

On the other hand, you can go neighborhood by neighborhood, check what’s available in that area. After all, there is no point go condo hunting in high-end areas where condo prices are sky-high. That’s why we’ve made a list of the neighborhoods where there is a pretty good chance you will find a great selection of condos under $300K.

Junction Condos

It is almost incredible how this neighborhood preserved its small-town charm despite its prime location in the west end of Toronto. It is a lively neighborhood packed with local shops, diners, coffee shops, boutique galleries, yoga studios, restaurants, etc. The local community is protective and supportive of all the local businesses, which add up to the overall charm of the neighborhood. Gentrification hasn’t got its hand in this area as it did in some other Toronto neighborhoods. Because of that, there are still some Junction condos that cost under $300K.

Junction condos for sale

Little Italy

As the name suggests, this was the go-to neighborhood for Italian immigrants back in the day. Nowadays, it still is reminiscent of those days as the Italian influence can be felt all over the area. It is a place that draws both urban dwellers and families. Nowadays, Little Italy is known for its great restaurants, culture, small markets, history, arts, and a great neighborhood. The Taste of Little Italy Festival is organized each year in the summer and includes live performers, music, food stands, and other events.

The Little Italy condos market is a combination of older and newer buildings. There are even some condo projects underway. In terms of amenities and luxury, it all varies from building to building. The selection of under $300K condos in Little Italy is decent considering that demand is steady.

Little Italy condos for sale

With all said, it doesn’t mean that one cannot find condos under $300K in some of the other neighborhoods in Toronto. But these neighborhoods seem to offer the best selection of condos in that price range. Even if you buy the condo as an investment, buying in these areas makes perfect sense. As we mentioned earlier, gentrification hasn’t caught up with these neighborhoods. Some say sooner than later. And when that happens, the condo that you bought today will be worth exponentially more.

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