Antigua Beach


We made the best of our Antigua beach excursion…
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  1. fehquig says:

    We had a good time that´╗┐ day despite the rain… I think part of our happiness was because we were on land rather than aboard the ship ­čÖé

  2. xyzllii says:

    Another good one…I tried to comment on one before this…too..didn’t happen…anyway…happy travels´╗┐ guys..

  3. fehquig says:

    I could have stayed there all day, but we only had a couple of´╗┐ hours… It was a bit rushed.

  4. sunsetlover says:

    oh how´╗┐ relaxing… love it

  5. fehquig says:

    The only thing missing was the sun, but we had to´╗┐ wait to get some of that a bit later in our trip…

  6. hufcar says:

    how nice´╗┐ looks like you two made up for the sun !~ Massage nice book & De Rum Man. ­čśÇ

  7. dagocleo says:

    sure looked like an enjoyable relaxing time !´╗┐ and a massage ! wow, the works !love that rum punch… punch line, lol !

  8. fehquig says:

    The people were so wonderful that it was scary. I wasn’t expecting to be bantering with them like we did after just meeting for the first time…´╗┐

  9. fehquig says:

    Management was away´╗┐ on vacation…

  10. fehquig says:

    I thought she said “bus” rather than “butt”´╗┐ LOL

  11. fehquig says:

    Living in´╗┐ a place where it is often cloudy has some disadvantages. Those glasses were fine for a hazy Montreal summer, but not for the direct sunlight of the Caribbean…
    “In order to test his theories of immortality… created three electronic simulations of his personality. The first… all memory of physical existence edited out. It will simulate life after death. The second… without knowledge of aging or death. it will simulate immortality. The third… is unmodified. A control.

  12. fehquig says:

    In a few weeks it should be nice enough here to go camping! Jamaica will sure´╗┐ hit the spot…

  13. fehquig says:

    I wouldn’t say no to going back for a week.. They definitely know how to do hospitality, and next time I will bring darker shades and a hat so that they can turn the sun on´╗┐ ­čÖé

  14. fehquig says:

    My one complaint about this beach outing is that it was too short! After a couple of hours of frolicking in the surf and sipping rum punch we had to get back in the cab and go to town. Fortunately, we did find some WiFi and some local beer that tasted a lot like Lowenbrau, but I am getting ahead of the´╗┐ story with my narrative…

  15. fehquig says:

    One´╗┐ overcast day surrounded by a bunch of sunny days suits me fine. More than three overcast days in a row disagrees with me… I work at night so that I can escape days like that.

  16. fehquig says:

    I was happy all afternoon´╗┐ from it…

  17. fehquig says:

    Now if we could have skipped all that mucking´╗┐ about on the ship and had some more of this it would have been a better vacation… The next one will be a bit more like this, I hope.

  18. longcara says:

    I quite like overcast´╗┐ days at the beach, nothing worse than being burned all day.
    Cindy , my idea of heaven , a massage on the beach”
    So relaxing just shutting off from the world and reading a book.

  19. Vespur says:

    Lol no, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that!´╗┐

  20. justwant2bhappy says:

    Everything looked so beautiful there. The people seem so´╗┐ friendly, glad you enjoyed yourself.

  21. AtomicBluRadioVision says:

    What? You go all the way over there and´╗┐ they can’t produce some sun for you? I hope you spoke to someone in management.

  22. cindyjo57 says:

    no it was´╗┐ something like badonka donka does that ring a bell Vespur?

  23. Vespur says:

    Was the the long word that Cindy was looking for glutus maximus (spelling)? ´╗┐

  24. EdElisea says:

    I always get the darkest sunglasses I can find because the sunshine is extremely bright where I am most of the year. I was wondering what you were reading, but I finally saw´╗┐ the title and author toward the end of the video. I suspect it has to do with assisted suicide for the terminally ill. It looked like a relaxing day.

    EdElisea 04/09/12

  25. AlCursi says:

    the beach looks beautiful.
    Never had a message on the beach. going to Jamaica´╗┐ in a few weeks ­čśë

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