bali beach


bali beach

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25 Replies to “bali beach”

  1. lalsuta says:

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  2. Giua1983 says:

    I want this song!!! Help me to find it..

  3. Forserok says:

    It’s funny that no one that the unknown is the song and who sings it

  4. adibola75 says:

    not bali at all

  5. MOseeU says:


  6. 108Team says:

    You’re welcome :-)

  7. cattlecarnage1 says:

  8. NonstopDJUC says:

    Please all in Indonesia help this INNOCENT girl Schapelle Corby this Film proves she is INNOCENT THE EXPENDABLE PROJECT

  9. oldsunpub says:

    seychelles i reckon

  10. Forserok says:

    Please answer whats the name of this song?

  11. sputriprays says:

    is a woderful beach ………..

  12. beggi0815 says:

    thats not bali :/

  13. tonysilly says:

    Hey 108, Thanks.. I like doing both. Having crazy fun and sight seeing.. I guess it depends how long I will stay and how much I want to spend… Thanks Tony

  14. 108Team says:

    in my opinion, Thailand has a lot of ladyboys and the nightlife in there is more exciting and more wild than Bali… 🙂 I think it depends on your main purposes of visit. If you’re looking for enjoyment and nightlife, it would be better if you come to Thailand, on the contrary if you’re looking for beautiful scenery and rustic village ambiance, you should come to Bali and go explore Ubud, Hot spring water, Tanah Lot Temple, Tegalalang Rice Terrace and many more 🙂 you’re welcome

  15. tonysilly says:

    Hey… How does Bali compare to Thailand? Beaches, Night life and of course the lovely ladies 🙂 Thanks Tony

  16. 108Team says:

    so fake… this is not Bali island…
    usually I go there once a year 🙂
    this is I think in Maldives or Fiji Island

  17. FlorenceLabenne says:

    Ce n’est pas Bali…

  18. shubroto81 says:

    hahaha fakeeeeeeee

  19. luvsharma1 says:

    This is not bali…………………….!

  20. BALIMAN666LOVINA says:

    Bali Beach – never!!!

  21. stoutejesse says:

    en ik hou ook van Ajax xD

  22. amsterdamlove says:

    and do u like it there

  23. zwang77 says:

    Ampurayang .. puniki nenten pulau Bali ! ( It`s not Bali ) ..

  24. micheltribert says:

    no such buildings in Bali :))

  25. stoutejesse says:

    Really Fake i go evry year to Bali

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