beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


The towns of Quepos and Manuel Antonio are known as very gay friendly towns of Costa Rica, with a hand full of gay owned hotels and restaurants in the area. Theres not really any gay night life going on there other then the Tutu Bar (located above El Gato Negro) which has become more straight friendly over the past few years, or the occasional gay party put on by one of the local gay hotels. Until recently, there was even a nude gay beach known as La Playita where gay travelers had been coming for years. The beach is still there, and locals are trying to keep it known as a gay beach, however getting naked is now done at your own risk and can mean an unpleasant experience with the local authorities. A new luxury hotel (Arenas Del Mar) has been built in the area just in front of the beach and since then, hotel staff are quick to call the cops anytime someone is seen relaxing nude on the beach. (When visiting this beach as well as any place inCosta Rica make sure you carry a copy of your passport. Not just a copy of your photo page but a copy of the stamp showing when you entered Costa Rica. Without those copies youll guarantee yourself a trip to one of Costa Ricas lovely jails.) For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- michael alan’s blog – http Our pictures from around Costa Rica – Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage – michael alan’s
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25 Replies to “beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica”

  1. jeffsinsfo says:

    Wow. Two attractive men in the video, especially the hunkalicious guy on the left. The only negative was the overly loud introduction.

  2. SpainOneManShow says:

    great video!  Checkout my channel for more great travel videos!

  3. ak47law says:

    A big tidal wave washing a town away, really?….Are you that much of a fucking imbecile?, Homos like you should be put down.

  4. iCostaRica24 says:


  5. LaCelestia says:

    You two gentlemen are so visually beautiful and beautifully-spoken!… Mr. Michael’s physique is an heavenly ambrosia to feast on…

  6. ariel15251 says:

    michael u r so hot.saludos desde argentina papi estas re bueno pendejo

  7. iCostaRica24 says:

    haha….thanx. I’ll show it to you….but only you…hehe

  8. metsdudenj says:

    Michael’s bod deserves to be shown off with a speedo.

  9. unitedstates54321 says:

    and why did YOU watch this video titled “nude beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica” that has GUYS in he pic? i think you might be the most pathet closet case of them all. money ruins everything, as this hotel has here in the beach.

  10. iCostaRica24 says:


  11. ericvideo says:

    After watching your video I contacted The Hotel… Here is the email I sent them.
    To the Managment
    I just saw on YouTube how you took away the Beach from the nude gay people.
    That is despicable, but it’s understandable coming from people who love money more then anything else in life.
    I would never consider taking my vacation in Costa Rico nor ever consider staying at your police-state hotel!
    I hope a big tidal wave just washes you away1


    No room for the response, they denied it

  12. pedrony123 says:

    aw, these creepy gay guys can’t get naked, whah. so pathetic

  13. cosmopolita99 says:

    We cant do that ANYMORE…

  14. iCostaRica24 says:

    hahah….eat me!

  15. bjnamtz says:

    D&M, A SANDWICH!!! HaHaHa!

  16. iCostaRica24 says:

    UMMM….and what do we GET?

  17. bjnamtz says:

    iCostaRica24, Can you send me a round trip ticket from houston to MA?

  18. iCostaRica24 says:

    No problem….glad to help…check out are other sites from even more INFO… pura vida

  19. Jc22ny says:

    Thanks for the Great info!Its very Much appreciated

  20. iCostaRica24 says:

    yeah,,,definitely doesn’t SUCK……pura vida

  21. lolfercho01 says:

    Best place ever!!! some day I’ll be back!

  22. iCostaRica24 says:

    SWEET! you should be excited. Hopefully we’ll see you down there sometime…. pura vida and good luck with the move.

  23. pininfarina164 says:

    Moving to Manuel Antonio in 9 Days!!!!!! So excited!

  24. iCostaRica24 says:

    it’s still fun skinner…. right place- RIGHT time…that’s all.

  25. skinner463 says:

    i’ve been there many many times…. it’s a fun beach, well… it use to be when there were a lot of hot nude guys everywhere.

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