Beaches in Barbados


Barbados, Bathsheba beach

The Caribbean spells beaches in bold letters, no doubt. It is home to some of the world’s best resorts. And Barbados claims a huge share of those.

Barbados, Bathsheba beach

Barbados, Bathsheba beach

The beaches in Barbados are considered some of the Caribbean’s best. Even if it is just a small island, it is famous as a top travel destination, mainly because of its enchanting beaches, great beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and warm people.

The beaches in Barbados encompasses over 70 miles of white and pink sands, made from coral reefs that were naturally pulverized by the waves. The unbroken sandy coastline is complemented by the clear blue waters of the ocean. Moreover, sand dunes can also be found in some beaches.

Practically all the beaches in Barbados welcomes the public. Beachfront properties are even required to offer the public a right of way to the ocean on their land. Access to any beach is considered everyone’s right in Barbados.

Beaches in Barbados are sorted out by region, namely: west coast beaches, north and east coast beaches, and south coast beaches. The beaches on the west coast (Platinum Coast) are topped with the warm Caribbean waters. The beaches on the east and north coast are in front of the Atlantic Ocean, while those on the southern coast have waters that come from two sources, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Basically, the west coast beaches in Barbados are known to be safest and most tranquil. Although you can find calm beaches in the other regions as well, but the west ones are still known to have the best conditions.

Swimming won’t be a lot of fun in most of the east and north coast beaches in Barbados. Since these two coasts face the Atlantic Ocean, strong currents and huge waves dominate these beaches. There are a few protected bays available though, that will be a good venue for swimming.

The South coast beaches in Barbados see lesser currents and smaller waves than those from the east and north coasts. Here, you can do several water sports activities that are not possible in the other regions.

Even if beaches in Barbados have earned a spot in the list of the world’s most beautiful, it has remained consistent in its stand against nudism. Thus, nudism is considered highly illegal in Barbados, and you are not likely to find one anywhere on the island.

Barbados is definitely an all-year-round great vacation option. And better yet, other worthwhile activities are available beyond its sandy beaches and relaxing seas.

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