Beaches in Jamaica


Jamaica beach

If you love to indulge yourself in bathing under the sun while you frolic your feet with the powdery sands, then Jamaica beaches will more than replete your escapade. It may sound as an exaggeration but a lot of islanders say that it will utterly exceed your expectation considering that it is a tropical country, so when you are on a vacation, you need not be anxious of the weather. For the entire day, you can luxuriate in your exclusive little slice of paradise.

Jamaica beach

Jamaica beach

There is no such thing as a dull moment when it comes to Jamaica beaches. The whole place is surrounded by the Caribbean Seas which aptly explains how blessed they are with natural wonders of the world. That is also the very reason why they were able to stabilize their economy since they revived their tourism industry. Of course, who would not fall for their pristine emerald waters that have such a clear visibility even in the deep? Bet that even the non- aqua fanatics will fall prey to what they genuinely possess.

In the capital city of Kingston, Lime Cay is the most gorgeous among the Jamaica beaches in the area. Since it is only a small islet, it would wise to rent a boat at Port Royal. History would render that it was such harbor where there was a huge fire that totally wrecked the landmark however, they were able to revive it to its original state. In Ocho Rios, home of the luxurious Sunset Grande hotel, Turtle Shore and Mallard Shore are famous especially among tourists because it has plenty of spots where they can relax with acquaintances over a hearty meal. There are also several hotels that are just near the attraction which they usually prefer since it is only minutes away from the coastline.

One of the renowned Jamaica beaches is named after James Bond, domicile to the Golden Eye Hotel. It was actually the former residence of the one who wrote the script for the movie, Ian Fleming. Since the oceanfront is already owned by the company, those who are not their guests can still have a grand time surfing right in the spot by paying US$3. Next stop is the Dunn’s River Bay which is situated under the waterfall. They can opt to climb up so they can have a breathtaking panorama from the heights or have a choice to just swim in the small whirlpools admiring the charm.

Montego Bay is very ideal for those who arrive with their cutie cubs. They can directly head to the Cornwall bay which has that lively environment as well as offering a variety of concessions and activities. There is also the Walter Fletcher Bay where there are lifeguards stationed even if its waters are calmer, the management just does not want to take chances especially that most of those who go there are with their kids.

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