Beaches of Curacao


Curacao has some fine beaches , small however bur nice , at most beaches you have the possibility to dive and enjoy the blue azure water.
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7 Replies to “Beaches of Curacao”

  1. dsfasfasfasfasf says:

    great song for a great video

  2. skatecuracao says:

    how the fuck could you think that we are invading you racist piece of shit! we gave you plenty of time to make it better for yourself but you guys barely made a difference. The dutch had to come up with ideas. and you and your family are making use of those ideas so shut the fuck up. and its the crisis that makes the prices so high. oooh, and how can tourist invade?!?!? if it were not for them we would be in way bigger money problems then now. get your facts straight before posting that bullshit

  3. TheFlatlandsS says:

    two years ago we owned your country. you’re now indepent so shut up

  4. raisaa94 says:

    bo ta kere nos ekonomia lo keda drai sin turismo?! (do you really think we could survive without all the tourists?)

  5. IroNicGirl91 says:


  6. SrFulanoTal says:

    please don’t make too much marketing for us.

    we have the dutch invading and gauging our property prices already so please leave this place to us.

  7. firstinlastout says:

    the most beautiful beaches in the world……….without a doubt. Not beaches, but quiet, calm and serene cays. Like no other place in the world.

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