Bermuda Beaches Travel Video


Bermuda Beaches Travel Video
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4 Replies to “Bermuda Beaches Travel Video”

  1. caseyxbabey says:

    Okay, thanks so´╗┐ much! ­čÖé

  2. millertime83 says:

    Most beaches are free. The only fee is if you want to rent a chair. The only beach I can remember´╗┐ seeing a fee for was Snorkle Park Beach at the Royal Naval Dockyards.

  3. caseyxbabey says:

    Hey does´╗┐ anyone know if they charge to get on the beach?

  4. TZakPol says:

    Nice review of Bermuda beaches. I went there with my wife in May 2011´╗┐ on Celebrity Summit. Tobacco Bay was amazing and others too.


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