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Bahamas, isolated beach

An alluring 40 sailing miles from the city of Miami, Florida, is a famous vacation destination for most of the Americans – the south and north Bimini Bahamas.

Bahamas, isolated beach

Bahamas, isolated beach

South and North Bimini, the two largest islands, stretch out only 50 miles east part of Miami, and the whole string of Bimini Bahamas extends for around 28 miles. The birth of this island dates back from when Ponce de Leon visited the area in the year 1513, upon his expedition for the Fountain of Youth.  Currently, there is a part of the island, supposed as the fountain, is seen close to South Bamini Bahamas airport and becomes a grand delight to locals.

A lot have been claiming to receive a revival from the medicinal power that the water of the island gives.  The residents of the Bimini Bahamas affirm the magical powers that the Healing Hole provides. This is considered a South Bimini special pool that holds powers of healing and rejuvenation. Another spot claimed to have possessed magical powers is the Memory Ledge.

Bimini Bahamas not only holds magic within yet the island also showers being the best spot for fabulous fishing. There is no surprise that Hemingway was decoyed to Bimini Bahamas. The famous author brawled, drank, fished, and wrote his way throughout a number of seasons. The books To Have and Have Not and Islands in the Stream were written on Bimini Bahamas while the author Hemingway was settling at Complete Angler. This is a hotel where Hemingway became among the first guests during the 1930’s.

Additionally, Bimini offers fantastic opportunities for scuba diving. Sakona is an attraction off the South Bimini coast, a landmark of Henry Ford’s building of the sunken ship. Another scenic view that vacationers must explore when getting to Bimini Bahamas is the Piquet Rock, a huge Spanish ship wrecked, complete with cannonballs and rocks.

Getting to the island is no longer difficult with the operations of several air and sea trips. There are scheduled air flights to Bimini Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nassau or Grand Bahama Island. The most used transport method of the island is the golf carts. Mopeds and bicycles are also made available. Vacationers who visit the island are provided with numerous fantastic beach resorts and hotels to choose from. The island is home to spots for complete pleasure for the family, business associates and friends.

The Bimini Bahamas Island is surrounded with magical and enthralling appeal. You may personally decide whether the mysteries that wrap the island are only imaginary tale or reality.

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