Bora Bora Island


From its name alone, Bora Bora Island enchants. Once described as “a tiny emerald in a setting of turquoise, encircled by a sheltering necklace of sparkling pearls,” this almost mythical, mystical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is without a doubt one of the beautiful islands of the world.

Many a magazine and travel journal has attempted to capture the mythical beauty of Bora Bora Island in a few pages, a few photographs, and yet none of these are enough to truly reflect and describe what you experience once you are right there, imbibing its tropical beauty.

For a tropical island is what Bora Bora Island is, first and foremost. And yet, it is more than that. It is only one among a group of islands that make up the mystic beads strung across a blue canvass that is French Polynesia. And yet Bora Bora Island continues to separate and distinguish itself from all the rest of the Tahitian islands.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Just what is it about Bora Bora Island that clings to the senses, captures the heart, and excites the soul? The answer is simple – beauty.

What to See

Bora Bora Island is so resplendent with attractions that it is hard to name all of them, let alone pick just one to enjoy. But here’s a short list of some of the more popular places to check out to give you an idea on where to start:


Many travelers to Bora Bora Island consider this a favorite and with good reason, too. Indeed, Bora Bora’s exotic Lagoonarium has no equal anywhere in the world.

Of course, it is not the only lagoonarium to be found in French Polynesia. There is one in Tahiti as well, but it is nothing compared to the one in Bora Bora where you can not only look at the exotic fishes swimming in the lagoon but actually interact with them.

An experienced diver will serve as your underwater guide as you swim alongside the rich marine life that Bora Bora Island is known for. All creatures that you have heretofore seen only in pictures come to life in the Lagoonarium, such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, rays, and tropical fishes that add a variety of colors to the clear blue water.


Have you ever been in a “reverse aquarium?” The Aquascope, a unique semi-submersible watercraft designed by a working colleague and close friend of world-famous Jacques Cousteau, offers something close.

Imagine yourself inside a small space, watching colorful schools of fishes swimming beneath you, separated only by thick glass windows. For over 15 years, the Aquascope has delighted many a visitor to Bora Bora Island.

There are, of course, many more unique sights and fascinating attractions that Bora Bora has to offer. The ones mentioned above are but a few of what you shouldn’t miss when you visit this beautiful tropical island.

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