California Beach Day (^o^)


This was just a relaxing day at New Port beach….the water ended up getting too wild so I didn’t get in, but, I got a real nice “can’t move ’cause it hurts like heck” tan though! XD I even meet a few ppl. And one sang for me. ^o^ lol Music by Radiohead” Talkshow Host Enjoy~~~although, I didn’t get to film all that I wanted…8(, battery died.

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25 Replies to “California Beach Day (^o^)”

  1. TheNewMusicNetwork says:

    ugh, ugly tourist

  2. Mojoe12321 says:

    I’m driving down in may from idaho. Do it every year. 1,800 mile drive. Going to laguna beach. Our favorite beach 😛

  3. Shmamcakes says:

    Hey whats that song at 0:10?

  4. firebolt100 says:

    Hah, those guys seemed like they wanted to be with you ;P

  5. pirospipacs says:

    looks like fun!:)

  6. rezarezaable says:

    välkommen till pc support custom fashion new

  7. IDexGamingI says:

    me to wow crazy



  9. WWWarcticmonkeysCOM says:

    if you want a real beach, ome here to rio

  10. HusseinK1988 says:

    :3 seems that u had fun
    lucky u , i never went to beach this year :

  11. jules10109 says:

    yeah its been gloomy on and off here. We even had a bit of rain, crazy weather

  12. khanguras says:

    Here in British Columbia it rains a lot even now in May.

  13. DANROD5915 says:

    looks like fun 🙂

  14. DANROD5915 says:

    looks like fun 🙂

  15. DANROD5915 says:

    looks like fun :)

  16. 0569138373 says:

    يالبى قلبك
    nice beach

  17. larryjohnny says:

    hey leave the shells at the beach, it’s not a souvenir shop, it’s nature and when you take stuff home you fuck it up !

  18. awsumpersonlol says:


  19. mbcarif says:


  20. nnndIT says:

    That part of the beach–south of Balboa pier (even further south from Newport pier)–is always deserted.

  21. markosroberto says:

    cute girl!! xoxo

  22. MasDibiani says:

    You re nice 😉
    but use a sunscreen the next time Snow White 😉 ^.^

    great video

  23. YouRnTFuNny says:

    Where is your suncreme ? damn girl u have 2 b careful:@

  24. EmpathicGabriel says:

    beautiful beach!

  25. BlackStealthX says:

    It looks like an Australian Beach…
    I was just hoping for girls >.>

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