Cayman Islands beaches


Cayman Islands, Grand Caymans Seven Mile Beach

Cayman Islands are comprised of the Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and the Little Cayman. This is part of the British territory and is known for its beaches, great diving spots and an offshore financial haven. You have heard so much about the place and now you want to bring your whole family on a trip. If you have children of various ages, it will be better to time your trip in November when the annual Pirates Week Festival is being held in the place. This way, you will all be able to enjoy not only the sights and the beaches, but the fun activities and festivities that will happen during the celebration.

Cayman Islands, Grand Caymans Seven Mile Beach

Cayman Islands, Grand Caymans Seven Mile Beach

How to Reach the Place

There are connecting flights available from London to the Grand Cayman. If you have little tots with you, it will be best to take the direct flights. These can be found at different cities in North America such as Miami, Detroit, Newark, Toronto, Atlanta and Charlotte. These flights can take you to the Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport or Cayman Brac’s Gerrard Smith Airport. There is also an airport at the Little Cayman that caters primarily to inter-island flights. From the airport, various resorts can already be reached after some minutes.

The Beaches and Resorts

The place is home to the Seven Mile Beach that is hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is only one among the many others that can also match such in terms of appeal, beauty, location and the activities that you can indulge on during your stay. The northern part is where you can find quietness away from the flock of crowds that can be found at the rest of the area. This is because there are fewer resorts at this section. You can also try seeing various sights by renting a car to help you in exploring the place. Sunbathing is not highly a recommended activity if you are at Cayman Brac beaches. For snorkeling and wading, your best bets would be the beaches at Little Cayman because the waters here are calm.

The best accommodations that you can find to suit your whole family are in the Grand Cayman. The resorts here are packed with numerous amenities to make your teenagers feel at home and in constant communication with their friends even while on vacation. If you would like to be more adventurous and try deep water sports on spots where there are not much people, you can try going to Cayman Brac as well as the Little Cayman.

What to Do

There are various resorts in the place where you can find programs and lessons on snorkeling and diving for kids from age five and up. This is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your kids to the sports and adventures that you also enjoy. This way, they would understand your passion and may also share the same enthusiasm in the long run. Another top attraction for the whole family is the Stingray City, where you can hold, feed or swim together with the rays and take lots of pictures. There are more fun things that you can do at the Cayman Islands, so make sure that you plan your trip to make the most out of it.

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