Curacao Beaches Caribbean


Some of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao the neighbour island of Aruba, an island paradise in the Caribbean, part of a DVD about the island which I have made

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25 Replies to “Curacao Beaches Caribbean”

  1. mrtz2009 says:

    in going there´╗┐ to stay 16 in two weeks ­čÖé

  2. rallycorsa1600 says:

    looing forward to visiting this island and others in´╗┐ just a few weeks time!!

  3. Arz2003 says:

    I wish i could go there for one day and i would be so happy ­čÖé
    and come back to the´╗┐ united states after

  4. littlemrstiner says:

    we have a drilling rig down there so´╗┐ jealous of dads employees!!!

  5. anaisindia says:

    omg´╗┐ this looks beautiful <3

  6. MeetOnCruise says:

    Great video! Those beaches are beautiful! I’m going to link to this video from our Curacao´╗┐ – Port Guide – meetoncruise (dot) com

    Thank you…and great´╗┐´╗┐ work.

  7. Slowico says:

    Curacao ist´╗┐ eine Reise wert.

  8. topolona57 says:

    Quando il cuore ├Ę triste ├Ę qui che´╗┐ vorrebbe volare……..a casa

  9. death1today says:

    im from curacao i can´╗┐ speak papiamentu “pero bosnan si no por papia papiamentu”

  10. 23Tumelon says:

    I Looooooooooooooooove this´╗┐ place!!

  11. soundslikewater says:

    what a´╗┐ shame that vaersenbaai is gone ­čÖü

  12. OneFireworks says:

    Mijn vakantie is meestal curacao, (zomervakantie, herfstvakantie en kerstvakantie voor ons).

    Cas´╗┐ abou is natuurlijk wel het beste strand dames ­čśŤ

  13. fertiredoflove says:

    Go to Cura├žao. I’m from Brazil and the cura├žalense is warm like and simple like us. Great hugs to people from Breezes and Ocean Encounters.´╗┐

  14. Slowico says:

    Wundersch├Âne Insel. Gute´╗┐ Aufnahmen

  15. mswawa2u says:

    i went there for´╗┐ two weeks and it was the most beautiful and cleanest place ive been to. its so peaceful and fun. GO

  16. SweettieeGirl says:

    i know your comment is old but you pronounce Curacao
    like´╗┐ this ; kur sou but the most people say kura sou

  17. flashlight361 says:

    i´╗┐ live here and its the most beutifull place in the world and it has the best beaches

  18. paintsuxs says:

    syracuse aint´╗┐ so warm either

  19. lucarocco72 says:

    as far as I see, the beaches are´╗┐ nice but not that impressive!! maybe it’s due to the quality of the video….

  20. Smashking242 says:

    Am I lucky that I´╗┐ live on Curacao ?

  21. AndreasAntoniusMaria says:

    Korsou is gezegend omdat de Makamba’s alle schulden betalen die de corrupte of tenminste incompetente politici gemaakt hebben. Mijn moeder is van dit eiland. Het is inderdaad een mooi eiland. Maar ik ben geschrokken van de mentaliteit van de mensen. E├ęn van mijn ooms is prominent lid van´╗┐ de Frente Obrero di 30Mai. Bij hem thuis heb ik mijnheer Godett gesproken. Curacao is NIET gezegend met zo’n boef als politicus. Als dit eiland politiek volwassen kan worden, ligt er een mooie toekomst.

  22. liesje28 says:

    You pronounce Kura sou.´╗┐

  23. kasiana01 says:

    We are a bless island. Nos ta un isla´╗┐ Bendishona

  24. camby51 says:


  25. podz54 says:

    Ik heb op Curacao gewoont, maar nu in het koude´╗┐ Switzerland

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