Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach: “ILLEGAL TO DIG” — NO SAND CASTLES


Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach:

Where You Can And Can’t Dig At The Beach, WEAR ABC, September 17, 2010 NOTE: Previous upload had audio problems. Please repost comments.

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25 Replies to “Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach: “ILLEGAL TO DIG” — NO SAND CASTLES”

  1. L Wood says:

    Romney is just trying to buy the election . He looks at it as an investment.. He sees obamas meager 5 million turned into 11.8 million.. and hopes his 250 million will approach 500 million.. He is the scum of the earth and is not creditable in any way to become a president .. He will ruin everything. He only is obsessed with his own wealth..

  2. InnovationMadeSimple says:

    It’s very clear, they are hiding something. Big oil spill?

  3. Razorwing67 says:

    :42 Who the hell is this guy ? Does he have the authority to check for permits ? Did you bother to ID this guy ? No uniform and threatens to “call the fuzz” ? Until he produces ID he is just another Joe Blow Nobody.

    Sounds like a watch dog to me.

  4. XxQmanxXP2B says:

    NO ONE will take away my sand castles, NO ONE DAMMIT!

  5. Thatmakessense356 says:

    I love bureaucracy

  6. Keith MacDonald says:

    This is because BP is now protected by Obama and his thugs for paying their $20 Billion “fee.” As soon as that bribe was taken, my crew was threatened with termination if we dug more than ONE INCH. We were also told not to speak to the media – no exceptions.

  7. laserfalcon says:

    you should of kicked sand in his face

  8. yandosan says:

    Pat Gonzales. Corporate-controlled goon/wannabe-cop of the year.

  9. TrevorALan says:

    As is typical, the TV news got it all wrong. Go build your sand castles. The prohibition is showing up with serious digging equipment and spreading known pollution around.

  10. MrUr3rdEye says:

    lol, okay. I should be collecting disability for my retarded ass.

  11. Y0uEnj0yMyself says:

    yes and so are you :(

  12. Nordiclegion says:

    Fawkes… As in Guy Fawkes.

  13. MrUr3rdEye says:

    01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101110 00100000 01100001 01110011 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110100 00001101 00001010

  14. MrUr3rdEye says:

    who fucks on their asses?

  15. MrUr3rdEye says:

    I am NOT a fuckin’ moron

  16. MrUr3rdEye says:

    So, you are a retard?

  17. MrUr3rdEye says:

    Well said

  18. MrUr3rdEye says:

    Lets do it!

  19. MrUr3rdEye says:

    You are a fucking retard.This is MY land too. It pisses my off that this Oil spill has contaminated and destroyed our ecosystem. Your grammar suck too. It’s “No one” cares, not Noone cares.”oh” should be capitalized, and there should be a comma after “oh”. There should be a comma after “jail”. Stop posting dumb fucking comments on Youtube so I don’t have to read your retard language. It doesn’t piss you off that they said they “cleaned” the oil spill, and didn’t? What else have they lied about?

  20. vids721 says:

    Oh yeah, definitely Al Gore, cause there’s no chance that the oil tycoons are trying to prevent others from touching what they think is THEIR oil…don’t you have a brainwashing seminar to catch on Fox News?

  21. jiffboi says:


  22. locouk says:

    so you can hide your dope 7 inches under the surface and not get busted… cool

  23. CaptainDishman says:

    national park or not… probably not a good idea digging an oily hole for someone else to clean up.

  24. 11mistermann11 says:

    thats fricken ridiculous…


    we gotta thank Al Gore and his friends for this

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