Fiji Islands


Fiji, Treasure Island

The Fiji islands are comprised of more than three-hundred islands, where one-hundred six of which are permanently inhabited. Fiji is split into two main sections; the first division comprises Viti Levu, which takes in the regions of Suva, Rakiraki, Nadi, Coral Coast, and the small ‘off the coast’ Mamanuca Islands, and the second slice consists of the neighboring islands of Kadavu, Ovalau, Taveuni, Vanua Levu, and the Yasawa Group.

Fiji, Treasure Island

Fiji, Treasure Island

Viti Levu (Nadi, Rakiraki, Coral Coast, and Suva) One of the biggest of the Fiji islands, Viti Levu is the abode of seventy percent of the total population, and is the center of the whole archipelago. It measures approximately one-hundred-forty-six kilometers long and one-hundred-six kilometers wide, with a 10,389 square-kilometer area.

Proportionate to the size of the island is its significance, with its lush rover valleys that support the thickest population hubs of the country, as well as its wide sugar lands lying on its northern and western coasts. Dairy farms, gold mines, light manufacturing, and most importantly, its tourism industry, have a say to the country’s wealth. Additionally, the island of Viti Levu is the core of sea and air communications in Southwestern Pacific.

Kadavu One of the islands that comprise the second sector of the Fiji islands, Kadavu has about eight-thousand-seven hundred in population, and lies just eighty-eight kilometers on Suva’s south. The island has a number of high mountains and countless steep cliffs; for short, the island is rugged with a small number of roads, making taxis the main method of transportation. Its airport, new hospital, and government station is found on the island’s eastern end, in Vunisea village. Travelers should keep in mind that Kadavu resorts are nowhere near its airstrip, so one needs to met and ferried via a small craft to their destination.

Ovalau This is one of the Fiji islands, which is the main island of the Lomaiviti group; it is situated off the shores of eastern Viti Levu. The island is of volcanic origin, and is elevated, rugged, and enclosed with thick vegetation. The major attraction is its colonial capital, Levuka. Levuka is a community with about 1500 inhabitants; the place has the atmosphere of a 19th century whaling city.

Taveuni This island is considered the garden of the Fiji islands, with its wet, rugged, green, and pristine landscape. The island lies just seven kilometers off Vanua Levu’s southeast coast. Taveuni is a classic stunning tropical island, dense with vegetation, as well as magnificent tropical flowers.

All other Fiji islands have their own diverse and unique qualities that make a visit to every single one of them, seem like a whole new experience every time. In the Fiji islands, there’s nothing greater than to encounter the remarkable traditional life of the Fijians and their varied cultures.

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