Grand Bahama Island


Bahamas, Beach on Grande Bahama Island

The islands of the Bahamas are amazing and extraordinarily beautiful, each offering a mixture of experiences and having its own unique quality making it the perfect choice for different people, the adventurous, the explorers, the nature lovers, and the simple. The choice of the island is entirely yours, if Nassau is a blend of the old and new and attracts more of the luxury seekers and shoppers, the Freeport or Lucaya is a modernistic planned city situated on the Bahamas’ second most popular tourist destination, the Island of Grand Bahama.

Bahamas, Beach on Grande Bahama Island

Bahamas, Beach on Grande Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island is where you’ll find long stretches of deserted clean-white beaches, one major casino, night time entertainment, inviting hotels, and world class scuba diving facilities as well as land and sea sport. This is also the second most popular tourist destination, where the Freeport is the resort center of the island where all the action is. The serene and quaint settings on the eastern and western ends of the island are where you can relax and hide-away from all the bustle. The oldest city on Grand Bahama Island can be found on the West End, located on the western tip of the island.

For nature lovers, a best-kept secret on Grand Bahama Island rests somewhere on the secluded beaches within the flourishing mesh of a mangrove swamp, or in the vibrant folds of coral reefs. The finest assets of the island lies within its natural attractions and most visitors overlook these because only a few of them ever stray from the resorts and nightlife of Freeport or Lucaya, they miss the opportunity of visiting some of the most natural beauties of the islands, like the three national park of the Grand Bahama Island. The Lucayan National Park is the only place in the Bahamas that features six of the island’s ecosystems, a gathering of plants and wildlife that gives unmatched view. Also within the park are the expansive groups of tunnels resulting from the island’s unique limestone geology which is one of the world’s longest underwater cave systems. The Rand Nature Center is also one natural attraction with its resident flamingo colony, and the Peterson Cay National Park that is reef-enveloped, gives an equally thrilling experience in their beauty.

The larger Grand Bahama takes pride in miles of pearly white beaches and deluxe hotels like the islands’ leading resort, the Sheraton and Westin at Our Lucaya. Those who desire private hideaway spots and more serene and tranquil surroundings can be found in less populated outskirts of Grand Bahama. Various activities and adventures in nature can also be done such as, windsurfing, parasailing, sailing and boating, bird watching, snorkeling, diving, fishing, dining and cuisine, gold, and shopping.

Whether you are seeking the modern luxury while on vacation or just simply wanting to get away from civilization, Grand Bahama Island will offer you the best of both worlds.

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