Hurricane in Malta…foaming seas on the beach


Huge storm causes massive waves to hit the island. Poor guys walking past (30secs) get soaked as the waves come over the wall
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25 Replies to “Hurricane in Malta…foaming seas on the beach”

  1. Mircea Costiniuc says:

    It’s´╗┐ nice to see him on screen, but there ­čÖé

  2. Kelly14UK says:

    Ma nafx nitkellem bil- Malti lol What are´╗┐ you saying in English?

  3. jessie Cornish says:

    mur´╗┐ ghum hemmek!!

  4. jessie Cornish says:

    haha that`s´╗┐ funny!!

  5. jessie Cornish says:

    hemmek tinge mux sliema nassumi´╗┐ hux?

  6. muserfish says:

    THATS ME´╗┐ getting wet at 00:35. I still walk down that road every day in winter. ­čśÇ

  7. Predatorobert says:

    Look´╗┐ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllloooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt soap !!

  8. Iyetube says:

    Wasn’t that on´╗┐ Monday?? This was months ago!

  9. NigeMU says:

    Yes´╗┐ Sliema

  10. NigeMU says:

    One person drowned after being washed into the ocean….it´╗┐ was´╗┐ force 10.

  11. superchuckn says:


  12. Kelly14UK says:

    How DEEP is it? Can you put a 22 floor block of flats in it and see´╗┐ the whole lot disappear?

  13. gingerbreadmalta says:

    it’s fine dear! only that in the past few hours it was´╗┐ hit by 3 massive thunderstorms again. watch my movies…

  14. Kelly14UK says:

    Omni Maltija. She met my Dad in ’63 when she was 15. She swam across to´╗┐ Fort St Angelo and back to impress him. How deep IS the Grand Harbour?

  15. Kelly14UK says:

    It’s only a mile deep.´╗┐ The Pacific is up to 7 miles deep.

  16. titanov says:

    Sea not ocean….

  17. arijetazemer says:

    That storm was CRAZY!!!! We just moved here when it came and I have never seen anything like it… and I am brought´╗┐ up near the sea of Sweden. I couldn’t take the dog out because she could barely walk because of the strong wind!!!!! Cars were washed away as well, walls went down…. i hope we wont see that storm for a while. Let’s enjoy summer!

  18. bantalhahamodii says:

    sonami sliema´╗┐

  19. evanyangfan says:

    Where did you´╗┐ film this? It looks like siliema.

  20. NigeMU says:

    Yes Malta is an Island in´╗┐ the middle of the Med…. just south of Italy and north of Libya

  21. NigeMU says:

    No worries…

  22. snakeMLT says:

    Perfect day to go for a dip in the water´╗┐ ­čśŤ

  23. moni2261 says:

    first of all we say tsunami … and a tsunami can be a series of big waves
    Also they are generally caused by earthquakes or a volcanic eruption
    in this case it wasn’t a tsunami … they are´╗┐ not big enough

  24. belle galea says:

    ohh sry my mistake but i didnt hear it in the news so maybe i didnt watch it that day

  25. NigeMU says:

    One person drowned after being washed into the ocean….it´╗┐ was force 10.

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