Jamaica beach party


beach party hotelclub riu negril

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25 Replies to “Jamaica beach party”

  1. gabriel ramos says:

    @Taiginator fuckyou man

  2. fred19992011 says:

    Jamaicans are apes.

  3. Davidsbeenhere says:

    Its really amazing place.
    Jamaica is the best places for vacation.
    Check out my traveling channel and watch my videos.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. lemerluxuryvillas says:

    Wow!! Looks like everyone is having fun. I feel sorry for those who say that Jamaica is not safe.

    I’m came from the US. I retired here with my wife 3 years ago because we fell in love with the place and the people. we are happy to build a nice villa to accommodate tourists and provide them with the best experience during their stay here.

    Jamaica is the best!!

  5. tina36zera says:

    dont listen to them it not the country its the people just stay away form downtown kingston +the parish

  6. IllegalAmigo222 says:

    dont worry be happy, there isnt one country that hasnt dobne murder so we live in a world of sin so party like theres no tommorrow

  7. Denassom says:

    Dancing and having fun on beach and inna city people are dying. Think about…

  8. CaribbeanBabe08 says:

    the murder rates are based on kingston jamaica and are mostly gang related, Negril is absolutly fine and very beautiful.

  9. Jayjay V.E says:

    heyy .. could one a you tell mee whats the name of dat song 🙂

  10. sweetmicco says:

    if you dont go you dont know…..please go ….that nice i beg you to go….crazy if you dont go…hawaii and mexico cannot even compare….go go go go go….

  11. Desrene B says:

    no jamaica

  12. KiaraJapanGirl says:

    In Martinique ?

  13. KiaraJapanGirl says:


  14. Julie Juelz says:

    i like this song!!!

  15. verticalsk8r says:

    im sure i will one day

  16. computer384 says:

    Who cares about the murder rates im probably going around next year!!

  17. sinab0y says:

    i hope you die

  18. Shezzyyy says:


  19. Cybagruff2 says:

    lucky! the best holiday i have had is in marriots marbella beach resort it was awsome

  20. verticalsk8r says:

    long story short, it has one of the worlds highest murder rates…… but im going there in january next year i cant wait

  21. Cybagruff2 says:

    what stories? i would love to go to jamaica

  22. verticalsk8r says:

    jamaica looks awesome, id love to go there, but little scared after all the stories ive heard

  23. romanistaromi says:


  24. y2kboy145 says:

    fukin fool !~

  25. rocket91957 says:

    Sure we do. It just happens to be vanilla. 🙂

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