Jamaica Negril – Nirvana on the Beach – Travel with Kids Jamaica DVD


Jamaica: Negril Beach featuring Nirvana on the Beach Hotel. Incredible beach setting, tropical gardens, white sands and palm trees. Perfect for families. Featured in the Travel With Kids Jamaica DVD, part of the award winning Travel With Kids DVD series. Nirvana on the Beach is an excellent choice for families, couples, or anyone wanting a real authentic Negril Jamaica experience with a kids play area, open air bungalows, large luxury suites, small cabanas and lots of friendly Jamaican smiles from the locals. Nearby tons of restaurants and beach bars and just a few minutes from Negril town. Nirvana on the Beach features full kitchens and all the amenities needed for a perfect vacation, just steps from the beach without the hubbub and hassle of large mega resorts. Total tranquility and lots of adventure for the kids Nirvana on the Beach is the place to come back to over and over. Check out Travel With Kids Jamaica on DVD at www.travelwithkids.tv and at Amazon.com Click the HD button to watch in high qualtiy on the youtube player. Travel With Kids is an award winning family travel guide DVD series available at Amazon and travelwithkids.tv

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11 Replies to “Jamaica Negril – Nirvana on the Beach – Travel with Kids Jamaica DVD”

  1. gigisintimate says:

    Your Travel Videos has your video link featured at
    You might be entitled to money soon.

  2. joshua stephenson says:

    @dynastimsacrew haha funny u said that i was thinkin the same thing when i first clicked the video lmfao

  3. lexissongs says:

    what song is this??

  4. MightyTriton says:

    by the way i voted you up but what about the weed?

  5. uglytothecore says:

    I really should not post anything since I really do not want anyone to find out about this place. Just spent 8 days in Nirvana and it now holds my number one vacation spot. I would say its best for couples and friends, and the children that were there had respectable adults with them. Lastly, if you expect to go on vacation and not waste some money, you should not go. Food at the Coco Palms is cooked by a master chef…..as best I have ever eaten…..on par with Trulucks in Austin.

  6. lemerluxuryvillas says:

    Great video indeed – love those kids!! It’s always been my dream to just live near the beach since a kid. Retired 3 years ago and stayed here in jamaica – so I’m living the dream now..

    My wife and I put up a beautiful and private villas to accommodate families and everyone who wants to experience Jamaica. So happy to see families on a travel like this just like what you said. 😉

  7. Suuulan says:

    Well. That is not true. U see rootreggae came from something called dance hall. During a concert they got tired of the dancing and they start playing slower, and sing slower also. The instrument are from Africa yes but the way they playing the music is called reggae.

  8. Suuulan says:

    “family time” thats some fucking bull shit ! I leave wife and kids at home cause its just nag, nag, nag. I cant stand it ! Travel on ur own is the best way to travel. Believe me.

  9. esintial says:

    Great video! Makes me want to take time out on my next trip to put something together to share,Thanks

  10. travelwithkids says:

    If you know anything about Jamaica and Raggae, then you should know that everything Jamaican has its roots deep in West Africa and Ethiopia. African music is essential to Jamaica and Raggae. Also, being that you are 15 you dont realize that in a half hour television program about Jamaica there is sure to be Raggae, but not playing in the entire show, hence using some West African music where the ancestors of Jamaicans come from. Go back to your video games.

  11. Vaanikafg says:

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