Lagos, Portugal – Beach / Praia


Lagos, Portugal - Beach / Praia

During our honeymoon, we wanted to see some caves… not knowing where the best ones were, at one point in Faro I saw a post card stand and there it had many cards showing caves from LAGOS. Portugal being a small country, we started driving and arrived within 1.5 hours. we instantly fell in love with it, but too bad, we could only stay the one night and half a day since we were on a schedule!!. We walked around at night, and the next day took a cave exploration boat trip. This video is of one of the many beaches that we stopped at.

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3 Replies to “Lagos, Portugal – Beach / Praia”

  1. kbahboh says:

    awesome place brother

    would love to go there sometime

  2. wot4edge540 says:

    ahh yes id hammer that blonda asss

  3. orangeblood27 says:

    Beautiful place, great vid.

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