Maya Bay, Thailand – The Most Beautiful Beach!


Maya Bay, Thailand - The Most Beautiful Beach!

HOW TO GET TO MAYA BAY: Fly to Bangkok (BBK) through KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (which is awesome) then take a jet down to Phuket. Jump on a cab and have them take you to the docks where you’ll catch a ferry to Phi Phi Island. Reserve a room on Phi Phi before you leave home (I recommend Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa) then take a long-tail boat to Maya Bay at around 11AM the next morning. Most people go through the front entrance to get to the beach but if you feel like being more adventurous then take the back way like we did! You’ll have have to jump off your boat, swim to the ladder then hike through a small forest to get to the beach. It’s much more fun that way, trust me! If you plan on bringing your camera like I did, then BRING A WATERPROOF BAG!!! I took a huge risk to make this video but if it weren’t for that bag, then this video wouldn’t have happened. Camera used: Canon 5D Mark II
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Replies to “Maya Bay, Thailand – The Most Beautiful Beach!”

  1. ALFernandez24 says:

    during the day this place looks like a festival and smells like standing behind the exhaust pipe of a bus, but it is beautiful

  2. SirAndreOliveira says:

    This is reason to say.

    Holy molly

  3. SandSeaOcean says:


  4. rubberduckies837 says:

    thankss ;)

  5. moshifan65 says:

    This is so beautiful

  6. CanadianChronic2121 says:

    Neh !

  7. joaoluizsn says:



  8. joaoluizsn says:

    C’mon man don’t be so negative, it’s a beautiful place, enjoy the vid
    and it’s protected by law anyway.

  9. trangcity1 says:

    (Now) The Songkran festival in Thailand, At. Andaman Sea.

  10. padthai2009 says:

    anyone who wants to come to visit Thailand ..and if you need an English guide.. you .can contact me..coz..i am a tourist guide…[in-out bound] freelance.Thanks

  11. mamasita107 says:

    Thank for sharing, this beach is amazingly beautiful!

  12. topsoftravel says:

    Look at the sea… amazing turquoise water. For all people who love travelling as much as we do, come and check out our channel. I would love to welcome each and every one of you. When you like what you see, subscribe 🙂

  13. smooi94 says:

    Wow.. and sun isn’t even shining that much

  14. ROCKOUT29BR says:

    i’ll be there tomorrow…can’t wait!

  15. aerokpc says:

    dat ass

  16. paddywilliamss says:

    This looks incredible. I’m going in may/june this year, any ideas what the weather is like around that time?

  17. CanadianChronic2121 says:

    That Island is going to be a tourist attraction with McDonalds & Starbucks on it in 5 years

  18. TopPersonalTrainerUK says:

    I have some pretty amazing videos from little known Ko Lipe island here in Thailand where I’m spending 4 months out of my 6 months holiday in Thailand. Ko Lipe is the most beautiful island in Thailand by my opinion and they call it “The Maldives of Thailand” for a reason 😉 Check out my channel – I post 2-3 videos from Ko Lipe every day. 

  19. MissSunnyRainy says:

    So beautiful!

  20. 123sunnyle says:

    Oh yes,tell everyone how to get there!! : (

    There are so many people already,not nice : (

  21. SharperShooting says:

    I stepped on an urchin there : /

  22. phuketthailandtrip says:

    0.50Min. This is the best view.

  23. costitravel says:

    Good stuff man!

  24. AnwMr says:

    this is so romantic.

  25. rubberduckies837 says:

    I’m from Thailand!!!! Ya!

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