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Mexico, beach on the Isla Contoy

Are you planning a Mexico beach vacation? If so, then consider all your options. Vacation time is the best time for all families to get together and have fun. This is when you can catch up on the emotional blues, let lose, and just relax, preferably on the beach, basking under the sun. While you’re at it, you can also take the time to enjoy the wonderful games and activities that a Mexico beach vacation has to offer, eat sumptuous food, and feel thoroughly revived by the Latin beat and midnight strolls on a moonlit night.

Mexico, beach on the Isla Contoy

Mexico, beach on the Isla Contoy

Mexico beaches are best from the months of November to May. That is when the sun, sand, and surf work together to bring the best kinds of fun without the crowd that often gathers here during peak seasons of July-August, Christmas, and Easter.

Below are the top Mexico beach vacation spots that are worth checking out. Hailed by travelers who’ve been to the country as the place that has everything, you’re going to love it in Mexico and wish to come back again and again and again.

Tulum – Powder Beaches for Everyone

Situated on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast and located just north of the Sian Kaan biosphere reserve beaches, Tulum beaches are, without question, the biggest powder beaches this side of Mexico. Its picturesque Mayan ruins (otherwise called the Tulum ruins), overlooking a nice and small stretch of sand forming a cozy beach, and some of the best beaches just south along the road to Boca Paila makes this Mexico beach vacation destination one of the prettiest spots in the world.

For accommodations, Tulum is only 130 km south of a massive resort in Cancun. Or if you want to stay somewhere nearer, then check out the few hotels and restaurants in Tulum village. There are also plenty of resort-type places, cabańas (beach huts), and campsite along the coast road south to Punta Allen. All conveniences are just a short walk away from the beaches. At the Entrance you will find a huge car park, souvenir shops, café, and restaurants.

Playa del Carmen – Casual and Low-Key

Another beach that crowns the Caribbean Coast of Mexico is Playa del Carmen. But unlike the much hyped-over Tulum beaches, this Mexico beach vacation destination is actually just a little Caribbean beach town with its cool, casual air and low-key, friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

A beach town through and through, you will always feel the closeness of the ocean wherever you go – whether you are strolling along the Playa’s main street called La Quinta, or enjoying the many shops and restaurants along the dock and main square of El Zocalo. A Mexico beach vacation in Playa del Carmen means you will never have a lack for fun things to do. There’s diving (Playa has boats to Cozumel – for world class diving and a park for swimming with dolphins), there’s cool hotels and condo complexes, there’s golf, and even a small area for solitude and privacy.

Puerto Escondido – Mexican Pipeline

Every surfer worth their salt has heard of this place and many has tried it. Known as the Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido features spectacular waves in the months of August to November with surf reaching 7-8 meters due to South Pacific storms. This Mexico beach vacation destination has four surfing locations – Zicatela Beach (the infamous Beach Break and the reason why people go to Escondio), The Point, Kiddie Break, and another one that is Puerto Escondido’s best kept secret.

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