Mexico best family vacation


Mexico Playa del Carmen beach

When it comes to great family vacation destinations, Mexico fits the bill. The place has so much to offer, every member of the family will surely have a great time on a Mexico best family vacation. In fact, some would even say that the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. But not to worry. Here’s a list of some of the top Mexico best family vacation destinations to help you choose.

Mexico Playa del Carmen beach
Mexico Playa del Carmen beach


In 1967, Cancun was no more than a small fishing village blessed with 200-plus days of sun every year and an average temperature of 80F. Recognizing the huge draw of tourists that Cancun’s natural beauty received and the importance of tourism in the country’s economy, the Mexican Government transformed this quiet, seaside town into a pulsing center of tourism and entertainment.

The beaches of Cancun are great crowd-drawers. This Mexico best family vacation destination is blessed with incredible powdery white sand beaches that the Caribbean is known for. And with its plethora of family friendly activities and fun things to do, there is no way your family is not going to enjoy the time they spend here.


Known as one of the most exciting cities in the world, Acapulco is a major seaport found in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Many consider it as a Mexico best family vacation destination because of its excellent location – it stands facing the Pacific Coast of Mexico – and its explosive nightlife, beach scenes, water sports unlimited, world famous hotels, restaurants, and breathtaking physical beauty. The beautiful Acapulco Bay features a large line up of massive nightclubs and beautiful pristine beaches that humans find irresistible.

Fishing is a great source of adventure in this Mexico best family vacation destination. In fact, the fishing, especially sailfishing, is so good that they consider it news when someone doesn’t catch a fish. First rate snorkeling and scuba diving are also two of the best activities you can expect at this famous spot, as well as jet ski riding and tons of other water sports.


Located in the Southwest of Mexico, facing the state’s Pacific Coast, Ixtapa forms part of the well known Guerrero’s Sun Triangle, along with beautiful Taxco and exciting Acapulco. In the Nahuatl tongue, ixtapa means “the white place.”

What makes Ixtapa one of the Mexico best family vacation destinations is its convenient location. It is near everything. Acapulco, the pulsing city in the Pacific Coast is only 200 kilometers south of Ixtapa while Zihuatanejo (“place of woman”), a small fishing village is only a 5 minute drive. In addition, Ixtapa is only 15 minutes from the famous beaches of Troncones and about 30 minutes from the wildlife preserve lagoons and fabulous beaches at Barra de Potosi.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen was originally known as Xaman-Ha, meaning “waters of the north.” Today, this Mexico best family vacation destination is a living, vibrant part of the ancient Maya World. It is located right on the gorgeous Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen is only some 40 miles or 60 km south of Cancun. Because of this, it is frequently used by travelers as a base from which you can explore the fascinating sites along the Maya Riviera or the old Cancun-Tulum Corridor of Quintana Roo.

There are plenty more Mexico best family vacation destinations that you can find. The great thing about Mexico is that is has everything for everyone, whether you are traveling alone, with a special someone, or with the entire family undertow.

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