Negril, Jamaica Beach Music – No Woman, No Cry


Negril, Jamaica Beach Music - No Woman, No Cry

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25 Replies to “Negril, Jamaica Beach Music – No Woman, No Cry”

  1. zandalar1 says:

    pfffffffffffffffff iw ould love to smoke one there!!! 🙁

  2. MoonenMathijs says:

    The musical ear of people in central and eastern Europe is not developed? Do you even know the incredible musical history of that place?

  3. InforcedHellCrusader says:

    Am I the only one having orgasms?

  4. x0pincho0x says:

    It´s fantastic.. I love this..

  5. fabiovitalino11 says:

    até o Mar entrou no compasso certinho!!! Mt Foda…

  6. christinasteve says:

    Ich war da und es war unbeschreiblich schön!

  7. Shackyable says:

    Am I dead ?!
    Oh wait , it`a beach , well , let`s make some friends ^,^

  8. michaelanunez says:

    What a beautiful version thank you for sharing…..

  9. RastafaryInI says:


  10. flavakirl says:

    Awesome.. =]

  11. DjoleVEVO says:

    sea ​​waves !~~~~~~~~~ good bless up !

  12. ewacola1 says:

    Me too:):):)

  13. JezykZawiercie says:

    Wow, its amazing! I wanna go to the Jamaica! Bless from Poland! 🙂

  14. 820423 says:

    Of course, the charisma of the singer is unmistakable.

  15. 820423 says:

    I beg to differ. The guy on the drum made it what it was. Singing and guitarplay we can all do, but I dont think any westerners would buy a drum like that and start playing on it. At best, we’d hang it on the wall, as decoration.

  16. Ericahamptonarts says:

    love,love,love this artist

  17. goudrasta says:

    ha ha ha sensimila is only for woman’s are ya jah jah bles

  18. valerita332 says:

    es un buen sonido ignorante

  19. ELCALAFLOYD says:

    genial el video!!!!!! por casualidad alguien tiene idea como se llama el tambor que se esata tocando?

  20. Labricon89 says:

    OOOH NICE!!! =))

  21. atahena says:

    You could see this band eeeevery day in Negril beach… I love that guys, they make a really good job! I like to be there again!

  22. batax7777 says:


  23. catsplants says:

    i RIE MON!

  24. AlbertinhoVigo says:

    what a beautifull voice…

  25. bobixi says:

    the guy on the drum annoyed me….

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