New Zealand Beaches


New Zealand Beaches

New Zealand Beaches
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25 Replies to “New Zealand Beaches”

  1. karezza6 says:









  2. 012Jac says:

    אין דברים כאלו

  3. viviane5572 says:

    @hidepuller2008 give it a change, find a way lol

  4. 1989kiwigirl says:

    Ive been all these beaches

  5. hidepuller2008 says:

    Watching this video makes me feel homesick and I’ve never left New Zealand.

  6. Radguy150 says:

    Hmmm that’s strange as all the people I know can afford to heat their homes. My wife moved to NZ 30 years ago and has no trouble with her asthma. Yes the old houses are cold and damp but they are slowly being insulated with cheap grants. All the new houses have had to insulate as part of the building code. So where you get your so called facts from I don’t know. What do you classify as a NZer as the world population is now fragmented all over the world.

  7. Radguy150 says:

    I moved from the North Island to the South Island 10 years ago and I can honestly say it is not always colder down here. Alexandra quite often has the top temperature. So disregard the comments that say the South Island is pretty cold. Two to three months of the years but that is all. Two thirds of the population is in the North. I visited Christchurch 4 years ago when it made the news for people swimming at the beach in the winter as it was the hottest place in NZ for two weeks.

  8. ecconz says:

    @jenny1260 The water in most of the North Island gets quite warm in the summer.

  9. PaintingFlowers260 says:

    @anahel1231 It is the best place in the world 🙂
    I miss it a lot

  10. anahel1231 says:

    i love how it still looks prehistoric and the skys are so blue. it looks like the best place in the world to me.

  11. electroplox says:

    yea most of the north island is hot, and the south island is pretty cold.

  12. skadera2 says:


  13. smokush says:

    @jenny1260 not tru it is very hot atm waters nice

  14. AJMaC206 says:

    new zealand is hot in the north and cold in the south

  15. Thechristiancullen says:

    Depends where you live. Water can be really blue

  16. TheKewlkenny says:

    depends wat waters…
    i live in nz=]

  17. TheKewlkenny says:

    yea it can sometimes but i depends where in nz =]

  18. socal928 says:

    Thanks jenny1260 for the comment i am just looking for a place to hang my hat and New Zealand looks very good need to get leave the Gov. of the U.S. not good for anyone.

  19. jenny1260 says:

    Remember that New Zealand is the closest country to Antarctica xD… = COLD waters, even if the day/summer is hot.

  20. socal928 says:

    can not be any colder than California

  21. illicit3an says:

    Fuck yes; its freezing, eh!

  22. GentleGiant89 says:

    very nice vid i wanna move there so bad, anyone wanna comment on my vids at all? lol, im having a contest with a friend lol

  23. 3DMilkMan says:

    Haha I live in new zealand, and I can tell you, the waters not that blue!

  24. 3DMilkMan says:


  25. ToadLicker10 says:

    whats the water like there

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