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One thing I’ve learned in life is that all states are not created equal. I’ve been to at least a dozen on random vacations and lived in four so far. It’s clear to me at this point why folks flock to particular areas. One particular state that I must call my favorite, at least so far, is North Carolina. NOT to be confused with South Carolina. These are two completely different sovereign entities. And while South Carolina does offer a magnificent city known as Charleston, North Carolina still reigns supreme. One aspect of this state that people across the nation go gaga for are the North Carolina beaches. You’ve never encountered sand and waves like this. Not even in California.

North Carolina, Outer Banks Beach

North Carolina, Outer Banks Beach

Spring break students and families alike all flock to the North Carolina beaches every year. I’m telling you, there must be something in the air down there. Or maybe they just adore the clean warm sand and phenomenal blue waves. One outstanding aspect of the North Carolina beaches is the way the ocean gradually descends as you proceed outward. Nothing like what I experienced on the west coast. I must admit that I was shocked after stepping out into the Pacific Ocean and plummeting below the water. Wow, wasn’t expecting a drop-off like that. I think I’ll stick with the warm North Carolina beaches instead.

Like most beach towns, the North Carolina beaches and their surroundings consist of wonderful seafood restaurants and souvenir shops. Obviously these areas get plenty of tourists. Now, if I may make a recommendation; I advise anyone stoked about experiencing the North Carolina beaches to plan ahead and plan to visit a time other than spring break week. This is without a doubt one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year. Every college kid in the state is headed for the beach with their buddies. The hotel room rates get seriously jacked-up and difficult to come by. If you insist on visiting the North Carolina beaches during the busy occasions, then you’d better book that room in advance. Try a year in advance just to be on the safe side. And just a head’s-up, get a room with an ocean view. It’s so much better and worth the extra bucks.

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