Panama Canal cruise


The might of the Panama Canal locks, fails to eclipse the beauty of the different sights. After an effort for 400 years to build the Panama Canal, it has served its purpose as a viable trade route and a promising tourist route for cruises.

During a typical cruise, you will not only be marveled with the engineering effort that brought out the Canal. Tourists also find its natural beauty very relaxing. The nature’s stock in the Caribbean, Panama, and Central America is so rich that it is a great sight for Eco-tourism activities. The region’s unique ecologic diversity is seen at the different range of flora and fauna. Tourists can easily see the beauty of such places as cruise ships travel straight through the forest.

The major destinations of these cruises can be found mostly in Central America and the Caribbean. First in the list is Acapulco in Mexico. Different cruise ships that go through the Panama Canal find itself in Acapulco because of its golden beaches and sunsets, different shopping varieties, the historic town square, and the best cliff diving spots in the world.

Another destination is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The Panama Canal cruise lines goes to Cabo San Lucas to marvel at the numerous nature and water activities there from diving, kayaking, and sports fishing. From Florida, you can pass through the Panama Canal and see the other side of the world to an aquatic wonderland.

Panama Canal ship

Panama Canal ship

Many regard San Juan in Puerto Rico as the most rewarding destination today. After the display of the Panama Canal’s engineering marvels, a run straight to Puerto Rico will reveal an old Spanish city with rich and classical architecture.

One of the most popular cruise lines is the fleet known as the Princess Fleet. The coral princess is a cheap cruise that goes from the Southwest United States to as far as Alaska. The Coral Princess includes the fine dine-in restaurants, European Casinos and Chic Bars.

The Island Princess is a ship that goes to the most splendid ports in the world. The Island Princess goes to different Island docks so that the tourists can absorb the beauty of these islands. This luxury cruise ship can travel as far as Hawaii and Tahiti.

Finally, the intimate Pacific Princess is a cruise that goes straight to Asia. Tourists in this ship can look at different sights in the Pacific Islands after enjoying themselves to the view of the Panama Canal. View different kinds of sunset’s day in and day out with these cruises.

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