Panama City Beach Helicopter Tour


Video I made June 2009 while on a 10 mile helicopter tour with Panhandle Helicopter tours in Panama City Beach.
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23 Replies to “Panama City Beach Helicopter Tour”

  1. 78chevyboi says:

    I’m wading here on my the balcony in the condo on PCB watching your vid on my iPad!! Beautiful!!!!!

  2. goobergail6 says:

    Pc is on the atlantic

  3. goobergail6 says:

    I’m there right now!!!!!!:)

  4. steven smith says:

    is pc on the gulf or atlantic ?

  5. TheXxV3NoMxX says:

    It’s my first time to go there and I’m excited!!! I’m leaving on the 13th

  6. jkmj07 says:

    I love PC I’m going on the 8 🙂

  7. Grant Saylor says:

    😀 we went on the helicopter early in the morning that same day and we saw sharks, sea turtles, and sting rays

  8. Taylor Haire says:

    im going in like a week!!!

  9. cheesebergershow says:

    I’m there right now 😛 That helicopter keeps flying in my ocean view. IT’S FREAKING YELLOW

  10. Slimeyglob16 says:

    This is like the best beach and vacation spot in the country

  11. Slimeyglob16 says:

    I’m going on July 23 can’t wait

  12. xoxoDestinyxoxo100 says:

    panama city is so pretty

  13. YTtardsmustdie says:

    I miss PC and Destin!!!

  14. theluigi10000 says:

    going for 4 of july weekend! cant wait!

  15. 123shadowq says:

    the little girl her name is angel she is my bff she lives right down the street from me

  16. TurdFerguson3264 says:

    @3:58, the big white resort with the lake, Laketown Wharf Sterling Resorts, is where my wife and I stayed on our honeymoon this past August. If you want a VERY NICE place to stay that is clean and fun very nice, stay at Laketown Wharf. The staff is friendly, the place is very clean, it is right across the street from the beach and Pineapple Willy’s and right in front of WalMart and right at a mile probably from Club LaVela!! It is definitely the best place to stay!!

  17. centredbacks says:

    When I went to PC it had very big waves

  18. pcbvacationrentals says:

    Cool video. Panama City Beaches look much smaller from the air. Thanks for posting!

  19. MrBaileyGray says:

    i went there and it was fun but the waves were HUGE and when i tried to go out there the under toe would catch me

  20. xunknownxya says:

    oh…… fuc rly this isnt panama oh damit -_-

  21. xunknownxya says:

    wooo panama the land i call my own ^_^

  22. gavpac911 says:

    panama city panama shits on this

  23. 8dylandog says:

    i go to Panama City Beach every year! its is BEAUTIFUL! (: i always stay at that hotel at 3:15 with the white botttom and red top! the hotel is called Shores of Panama, the place is amazing. Buch of activities for kids, and i think it was voted #1 pooldeck in PCB. you guys should DEFINATLY check it out (:

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