Pearl Islands of Panama


Panama Canal ship

Pearl Islands of Panama are a cluster of islands situated directly south of Panama City, the Pacific side of Panama. The most famous of all the islands of Pearl Islands of Panama is the Contadora Island. The Contadora Island is famed for its resorts. During the pre-Columbian era, the Pearl Islands of Panama was once ruled by an Indian chieftain. The main livelihood of the Indian king’s subjects was diving for pearls. They used the pearls that they collected as ornaments and they also used pearls for trading. Some of the world’s most prominent pearls were from the waters of the Pearl Islands of Panama.

Panama Canal ship

Panama Canal ship

The Pearl Islands of Panama were also once known to shelter infamous pirates from all over the world. These infamous pirates were known to have looted wealthy Spanish settlements and fleets in throughout the Caribbean. The Spaniards were also attracted to the Pearl Islands of Panama because of its wealth in gold and pearls.

Today, the Pearl Islands of Panama is famous for its beaches and resorts. The cluster of islands is only fifteen minutes away from Panama City by air or a two hour ride away by sea. The Pearl Islands is composed of over ninety islands and more than 130 islets. The Pearl Islands of Panama was named by the Spanish discoverer, Vasco Nunez de Balboa. The Pearl Islands has calm waters that are great for fishing, snorkeling, sailing and scuba diving. The largest and most frequented island of the Pearl Islands is the Contadora Island. The Contadora Island was named after the houses that were used to count pearls. The Contadora Island has over thirteen fascinating beaches along its three sides. The Contadora Island is surrounded by coral reef fields which make it a haven for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The second largest island of the Pearl Islands of Panama is the island of San Jose. The San Jose Island has an estimated land area of 44 square kilometers and is just 90 minutes away from the Panama City. The island of San Jose has lots of coral white, ebony black and radiant gold beaches and coves. The island is surrounded by temperate, turquoise blue waters. The island itself is covered with lush green vegetation and gentle sloping hills with its apex located north of the island.

The Pearl Islands of Panama was just recently featured in the most watched reality TV program called “Survivor: Pearl Islands”. The said TV program featured three seasons on Pearl Islands, and the said three seasons were the most watch of all the Survivor installments. Pearl Islands is a very lovely and fascinating place to take your vacation. You’ll be mesmerized by its beauty once you get there.

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