Reggeaton Dance Contest on the Beach – Part 1 – Curaçao Salsa Tour 2008


Reggeaton Dance Contest on the Beach - Part 1 - Curaçao Salsa Tour 2008

The reggaeton contest at the 2008 Curaçao Salsa Tour was held at Cas Abao beach. The guys from gave away 0 cash to the winning team. This is part 1, be sure to watch part 2.

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25 Replies to “Reggeaton Dance Contest on the Beach – Part 1 – Curaçao Salsa Tour 2008”

  1. benybroca says:

    youre watching them dance?

  2. neversaynever234 says:

    @Scarletraven87 ???? wtf are you talking about?

  3. Scarletraven87 says:

    They are hot. So what?

  4. neversaynever234 says:

    You guys must be gay because these girls are hot as hell who cares if they can’t dance.

  5. cursedbat says:

    This is f@cking stupid.

  6. Display34 says:

    LOL the kid in the background.. his enjoying himself xD AWESOME

  7. weseli100 says:


  8. brandonalita says:

    sabrosas las nenassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  9. katanesina says:

    vamos alla playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

  10. bambori85 says:

    Yo i gotta agree they can’t dance but you know gotta have some fun

  11. Mladen Pavlovic says:

    To je Reggaeton

  12. 333SoljaGirl says:

    thank GOD they in thongs cuz dem asses need to be

  13. Leandro Santos says:

    essa dança e pika

  14. alinacooper says:

    hahahah no saben bailar..hahahah

  15. lavyforever92 says:

    as you call the songs?

  16. ufomia says:

    best part was the random guy walking in

  17. dancer4life1997 says:

    haha wow; they suck !

  18. girishh1 says:

    The chicks r hot…;0

  19. MrJayrockz says:

    Horrible ya’ll need help in the dancing department!!!!!

  20. xDaRk0psx says:

    the one thing i learned from this is: thongs rule

  21. mrboproduction says:

    CURACAO !!!!

  22. loko405 says:

    holy sht i got to go to venezuela

  23. Sadie1307 says:

    dejen el perreo pa los boricuas 😉

  24. BabyLoveEllie says:

    wow!!!!!! wata waste of time!!!!

  25. MuSiKFL0 says:

    that girl at the end with the black bikini looks good as fuck lol

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