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25 Replies to “Oahu best Beaches”

  1. LogisticSinger says:

    So relaxing 😀

  2. MzToonz says:

    So I have a question I love this video and want to buy it on blu ray what i’m unsure of is how many videos you have for Hawian Beaches does this come in volumes or is this the only one then Florida Beaches and so on cause you have one that say Florida Beaches 2 I also love that one is there a Florida Beaches 1 or does that just mean Florida is the nexed DVD in the beaches series? you do incredable work I am a huge fan of the beach! Thank you for sharring these wonderful videos.

  3. wavesdvdcom says:

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  4. MrTripsLover says:

    oh i love this beach…

  5. Glidingfast says:


  6. wavesdvdcom says:

    @Munchprime – I shot this right at the end of summer, just when everyone goes back to work and school. Winter you get more rain and bigger waves, though. I try to shoot in the low rain fall months just from a production stand point.

  7. Madisson345 says:

    @4127ammar no!

  8. Munchprime says:

    @TasteTheRainbow29 If you look close at 1:40 you can see it breathe. Also, dead things usually get lots of insects on them pretty quickly. If it’s not covered in flies, it’s probably alive.

  9. Munchprime says:

    What time of year did you record these? And if I wanted to go to hawaii to see any of these beaches what time of year would you recommend? Are there any other specific recommendations you’d have?

  10. solve809 says:

    beauriful @ 5:41

  11. TheRatzor says:

    @TasteTheRainbow29 I was thinking the same thing lol

  12. BooDiddly781 says:

    I would like to visit and vacation in Hawaii.

  13. 454815775646n says:

    Most popular Asian girls wait for you  oneman4u.info

  14. Rangerwick says:

    God has made such a beautiful place why are we taking it for gran it.

  15. zuckini007 says:

    no! no music its perfect lik it is!

  16. wavesdvdcom says:

    @4127ammar – you have 3 choices of music – Hawaiian, New Age, and Jazz links at the very start of the video to choose from.  The DVD and Blu-Ray actually has 6 tracks to choose from.

  17. 4127ammar says:

    this were better if u put some music

  18. wavesdvdcom says:

    @discoLalaa – We have a FREE AP for that. 😉 Link on our Channel page.

  19. discoLalaa says:


  20. hihi4351 says:


  21. brayydayy01 says:

    Hawaii is paradise. For sure. 🙂

  22. wavesdvdcom says:

    @beccaboo617101 – Maybe, it’s just dead tired and sleeping. ;-)

  23. beccaboo617101 says:

    @wavesdvdcom Maybe it’s dead because you shot it

  24. Chipexcess says:

    Dis would be perfect if it wasn’t for the skips.

  25. Zsamila says:

    I would love to live there:D

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