BEST FLORIDA BEACHES Ocean Sounds Waves Nature Sounds relaxing sleep relax HD


3 OF 4 ≈ ≈ Relax Now. Visit our Channel. 😎 In honor of Florida’s Beaches in danger from the BP oil spill disaster 2010 and before Hurricane Irene damage 2011. RELAXATION Video #3 Travel to the BEST FLORIDA BEACHES Ocean Sounds Waves Nature Sounds relaxing sleep relax…

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25 Replies to “BEST FLORIDA BEACHES Ocean Sounds Waves Nature Sounds relaxing sleep relax HD”

  1. wavesdvdcom says:

    well, that is the trick isn’t?! Maybe that is why it takes and hour or 2 at a beach, to get a clean 2 minute shot or two… or walking 1/2 mile to find an semi empty beach. Very very hard to do in Florida and Hawaii… but yes, I make it look empty… reality is a bit not so pretty.

  2. laura brunner says:

    there is no one at the beach whats up with that

  3. carolina2012771 says:

    Love it I live in Florida and its amazing

  4. Blackair17 says:


  5. Patty Straub says:

    Now I want to go to the beach!

  6. kidzbop411 says:

    FL isn’t that great when you actually live there…who am I kidding? I think I would die if I wasn’t any where near a beach. Only advantage to Florida; Ive never seen snow. I have no idea what its like to see it or be in it. Of course Ive seen movies and pics with snow. But I’m sure its not the same at all.

  7. iAMitUnot says:

    Great Video! Last last February my girlfriend & I had spent 2 weeks visiting Siesta Key, FL. If you haven’t been there before, then you really should check it out! Siesta Key was voted on as having the #1 beach in the country for 2011:)

  8. wavesdvdcom says:

    We shot Navarre Beach – just search for it and look for a Radar Tower that I thought was a lighthouse. 😉 Very nice beach by the way with some nice surf.

  9. gene chadwick says:

    ahhh yes!! love this.. next month i’m going to Navarre beach, for my vacation. can’t hardly wait….sandy beach here I come!!! love you FLORIDA.

  10. wavesdvdcom says:

    Make your own NON Commercial Music Videos with our Waves Video Footage and Post it as a video response. NOTE – Youtube will auto claim and monetize the video.

  11. wavesdvdcom says:

    If you like this… check out our new HD FLORIDA BEACHES 2…. the beaches and sunsets look incredible in HD. Visit our channel for more. Glad you like it. 😎

  12. myemily78 says:

    this is so relaxing my friends is tired so i put this on she wont let me cut it off

  13. mjusikisinmyheart says:

    This is just AH-mazing! Florida, here I come! Soon, very soon!! So exited, family and friends, a wedding on the beach, sand between my little toes, hair gone crazy blonde lol. it’s going to be a beautiful & unforgettable time to be had by all of us!! eiiiiiiiii Can’t wait!!Daydreaming until then lol

  14. Sapphire Elf says:

    Good thing i have net or I cant even know this kind of heavenly places exist ;__;<3

  15. RUCKUS981 says:


  16. LadyyJay1 says:

    Awww know i want to go to the beach 🙂

  17. wavesdvdcom says:

    – We shot just south in Bradenton.

  18. balto4 says:

    I LOVE this video,is any of it filmed on st pete beach by any chance? If so what segments?

  19. wavesdvdcom says:

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  20. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    ohhhh…this video relieved my stress…thank you so much! =)

  21. klk5klm60 says:

    I wouldn’t have thought watching something like this could be so soothing.

  22. BruinsBoy45 says:

    Vilano Beach 🙂

  23. Chidori328 says:

    (if you hadn’t guessed, I moved here recently)

  24. Chidori328 says:

    this is going to help me sleep. The best part? i live in florida, so this adds to the smile I have on my face 🙂

  25. Koolaidexotica says:

    ah hahahaha

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