Sharks Attacking Dead Whale on Australian Beach


Sharks Attacking Dead Whale on Australian Beach A group of around 100 sharks feasting on beached whales on an Australian beach have been captured on video. Rachel Campbell, a surfer from Warroora Station, Western Australia, uploaded the incredible footage to Vimeo last week. “I didn’t understand why but before I could think I found myself running straight toward the horror,” she writes on her blog. “Picture about thirty sharks, most of which seemed to be tiger sharks, all destroying a whale laying only a few feet from the shore. The nightmare part was the mass of sharks devouring the one victim. “The horror was only growing as I scanned along the beach. Over-sized beasts lined a stretch as far as I could see. Before long I realized there was about 100 sharks in total, some as long as 4m, all in a frenzy over fresh whale flesh.” In the video a brave — or foolhardy — woman in a bikini is seen approaching the group of tiger and reef sharks, also known as a ‘shiver’. “Not the most comforting when you surf the reefs that they own,” writes Campbell. Perhaps surprisingly, the horror didn’t put her off surfing that day. “We surfed. But we surfed about 1.5km off the beach… We surfed for a couple of hours in an ocean more raw then I have experienced… “I will still surf here though, because it’s not about merely surviving this ocean, its about living and breathing everything that this crazy place has to offer. Let’s just hope those sharks are full for now.”

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25 Replies to “Sharks Attacking Dead Whale on Australian Beach”

  1. MrAlexdab says:

    Дура ! Ближе нужно было подойти! Зря смотрел ((

  2. jandean61 says:


  3. LexiVonVanity says:

    THAT’S AWESOME!!!! Well not that there’s a dead humpback whale but still pretty cool there were a lotta sharks

  4. Alyssa Bennett says:

    nice walkin over towards it is that girl insane

  5. matt white says:

    is that in victoria

  6. raisukeuzarachi says:

    Indeed I have, but let’s not oversimplify what I said. The key difference is that I along with most people let that wish for harm on others to diminish after a while. Also, that sort of wish is only warranted for something more serious, like maybe for being personally wronged or harmed. This Rebecca however wanted someone to be harmed just for getting a little too close to sharks and honestly still believes that the girl really deserves to be mangled for something like that.

  7. Chimaera Range says:

    Well that isn’t a beach since it isn’t safe

  8. tepailocals says:

    Because you can honestly say you’ve never wished harm befall anyone before. Get off your high horse.

  9. Rebecca Brzezowski says:

    what ever. don’t really care.

  10. raisukeuzarachi says:

    It’s more than just not liking what you have to say. There is actually something legitimately wrong with you for actually wanting harm to happen to this girl. But because I can now see that there is no fixing your twisted mindset, this discussion is over.

  11. Rebecca Brzezowski says:

    she’s lacking a bit of a brain too. and hey i don’t ask for hand outs. thats how i feel and no one should feel bad nor anything else for me. if they don’t like what i have to say. they need to keep scrolling to other comments. thank you

  12. raisukeuzarachi says:

    I feel bad for you if you think that she actually deserves to get bitten by a shark and suffer a horrible injury just because she’s lacking just a bit of caution.

  13. Rebecca Brzezowski says:

    thank you for the complement 

  14. raisukeuzarachi says:

    You’re an asshole

  15. Rebecca Brzezowski says:

    that’s true. yet that’s sad too

  16. Henry A says:

    say if they cant get back to sea tho?

  17. 9mrsimz says:

    shes an auzzie…. they dont givafuck

  18. Zackmcwize says:

    yeah theres alot of sharks that love plastic apparently LOL 😉

  19. Zackmcwize says:

    What does she want with the whale lol, maybe she wants a slice too, poor thing :´(

  20. Rebecca Brzezowski says:

    itd teach her a lesson on not going out in the water when the sharks are eating. some people have to learn the hard way.

  21. hiway280z says:

    That is a mean thought and mean to say. You would really do that and watch her die or be severly injured ? Would you enjoy that. shame on you.

  22. xOOHkkkkkx says:

    So.. tell us,at what point in ur life didya find out tht ur terminally stupid..

  23. TKO52286 says:

    LOL plastic bag are you serious? WTF was in the bag?

  24. Ichigo1423jfk says:

    Clearly you must be blind not to see the whale.

  25. rickysea says:

    Yeah lady just walk right out there!

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