Strange clouds form over Panama City, Florida.


Strange clouds form over Panama City, Florida.

An unusual cloud formation hovered over Panama City, Florida.

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25 Replies to “Strange clouds form over Panama City, Florida.”

  1. dragoons9009 says:

    I asked my boss the other day what thinks about CNN

    To my relief he replied, “It’s the Communist News Network.” But then added he listens instead to Fox News.

    FAUX NEWS? I swear I could hear the Jewish chorus of laughter,


    (sources: the uncensored Talmud)

  2. apsychoicon says:

    Ron Paul 2012! Wants No Imprisonment for NON-Violent Drug-Crimes!
    Ron Paul Pro-Rights!
    Ron Paul Against Prohibition!
    Ron Paul Voted Against Regulating the Internet
    Ron Paul Wants to Bring ALL THE SOILDIERS HOME
    Ron Paul Wants to Get Rid Of the FED!
    Ron Paul Voted No On the Patriot Act
    Ron Paul Is PRO-Constitution! POWER TO THE STATES!!!


  3. rocky5457sharma says:


  4. ciarafan says:

    my dad told me that thats how high the waves will be IF the world ends…which is like 500years from now -.-

  5. rati396 says:


  6. XDTheKingKingTheXD says:

    from what?

  7. wichathawee1 says:

    This may be a warning.

  8. MrAircraft999 says:

    trolling internet…

  9. SergeyVA says:

    condom? boy do you have a good vision. ^_^!!

  10. 1usaguymo says:

    thanks for the warning, but we don’t do that anymore. Gee Duh Bush has been out of office for about 3 years now.

  11. BigWyatt01 says:

    Happens quite often here in Fl not to the extent but quite often

  12. degas1147 says:

    take this as a warning, its the calm before the storm. a country that advocates murdering around the world will be duely dealt with. Mother nature has come to collect.

  13. TheYodadoy says:


  14. gnusonson says:

    dangraphic; i just finished reading a book entitled : ‘the rapture’ by author liz jensen, get it on your kindle or whatever,and also have a little think about how stuff like youtube, twitter and facebook promote passive aggresion(sorry cant spell)

  15. sufizmjim says:

    planet Earth is awesome

  16. Mayhem84 says:

    Verizon and Redbox team up to battle netflix!?!?! Really?!?!? lol 0:29

  17. 2411Hellokitty says:

    I don’t tell everyone to kill themselves. I tell everyone who preaches about man made global warming to kill themselves.

  18. killer6468 says:

    You’re a hypocrite, you tell everyone to kill them selves but you won’t do it XD

  19. 2411Hellokitty says:

    Why would I kill myself when you are the one preaching about global warming? I probably do more to combat global warming in my sleep than you do in an entire year. It seems the people who preach the most about global warming usually turn out to be the biggest hypocrites.

  20. killer6468 says:

    I like how you are talking to me heating up the earth when you could be dead by now.

  21. 2411Hellokitty says:

    You couldn’t think of anything better to say? I am simply pointing out the hard facts for you. If that is too difficult for you to handle then don’t discuss it with me.

  22. killer6468 says:

    Do the world a favor and die, literally.

  23. 2411Hellokitty says:

    Stupid and un-educated ideas? Then what is your great solution to the problem? The fact is that humans breath in oxygen and turn it into carbon dioxide as waste. How do you solve that problem?

  24. killer6468 says:

    Yes we have a problem but that isn’t an answer, how are you going to get people to kill themselves? Go take your stupid, un-educated views elsewhere kid.

  25. 2411Hellokitty says:

    Hey, don’t get mad at me just b/c I am telling you the truth. Humans are the problem right? Then the answer is for humans to be less numerous. So you and Al Gore can do your duty for the planet. At least stop having children. More birth control, morning after pills, and abortions would help.

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