Sunset Beach Resort Montego Bay Jamaica


Amidst swaying palms, shimmering water and beautiful beaches, the casual, all-inclusive Sunset Beach Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica offers something for everyone. Playful and exciting, you’ll splash your way through our magnificent, new Pirate’s Paradise water park — with twists, turns, rides and slides for all ages. Simmer in our beachfront giant hot tub, or stroll through the tropical gardens. Spend a day pampering yourself with a treatment in our spa. Visit our website:
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25 Replies to “Sunset Beach Resort Montego Bay Jamaica”

  1. MegaTwilightfan98 says:

    I was here over the summer. And let me tell you. It’s just plain fun. me and my cousinns went together. we had a blast! we met so many friends but sadly i lost their numbers 🙁
    My morning routine there:
    wake up say goodmorning to parents and uncle and aunt nd
    all us teens/kids went down to have breakfast and then we would see our parents there
    run to the waterpark with our frozen yogurts
    see our friends
    go to teen center
    beach volleyball!
    ( outside of resort fun)

  2. AndrewZlakMusic says:


  3. CinBoumom says:

    going there in April!!! I can’t wait, it will be our 4th time in Jamaica 🙂

  4. potato718 says:

    going for my birthday :):);):):):):):):):):):):

  5. HighClassMonkey says:

    going onm sunday :D

  6. VVschannel101 says:

    im going there this summer for my b-day

  7. tylermckie says:

    @20HollyJay08 wait -.- Im going feb 13th to! :L for my 18th!

  8. 20HollyJay08 says:

    we go feb 13th cant wait

  9. isthisreal1991 says:

    going here in 2 days!!!

  10. lenasibreancatdog says:

    Not really
    There’s cats there, I’d just like to say just in case you don’t like cats.
    There one problem, it’s so fun!

  11. djza4321 says:

    @lenasibreancatdog is there anything bad about it cause im going there in april 

  12. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    i really really really really love to go to jamaica and spend a couple of days in montego bay! whew!

  13. yolinda17 says:

    going here in 2 days!

  14. Slitzehh says:

    Going in febury cant wait XD

  15. kavydk123 says:

    I go heer in 2 dayz

  16. 13music13music13 says:

    i wanna go:( why did this video get a dislike…?

  17. Nayamaya99 says:

    I go here in 7 weeks! can’t wait!!

  18. lenasibreancatdog says:

    I just left today :(…..I miss it SO MUCH……it’s warm(unlike The weather back home it sucks)… I love the Friday nights there….There are also some feral cats there…people feed them… There pretty cute.
    I. Went ziplineing, margetiville and much more.


  19. jfoxer21 says:

    Going with the family on Easter Sunday! Can’t wait! No jelly beans……just frozen concocktions in paradise 🙂

  20. ChrisRoseTravel says:

    Sunest Beach Resort is a beautiful place… this is my home land! I love Jamaica!

  21. YellowMellowJello says:

    im going to jamaica on july 17th 🙂 or is it the 16th? i can’t remember, but can’t wait!

  22. Dbrown1085 says:

    Had such a great time at this resort. The staff were super friendly and the food was delicious. This resort is located about 5 miles from Montego Bay Airport. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on returning soon.

  23. TrainWreckIAm says:

    Great place party at night, swimming for hours, great pools, rooms, nonstop food, best buffet ive ever had and 110% friendly people there :). and tennis ugh i wanna go there again!

  24. SOSODEAF5 says:

    Im going in 10min can’t wait any one know if its fun?? lol don’t awnser that I already know

  25. SOSODEAF5 says:

    @allgoodand27 Yahh im going today I can’t wait im leaving in 20 mins just wanted to tell you YAHHH so excited!!!!!

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