Bahamas islands, Freeport beach

Bahamas Islands


The Bahamas islands has over seven hundred islands, mostly untouched and uninhabited. It stretches out to a one hundred thousand-square mile archipelago that extends over five hundred miles of the clearest water in the world.

Bahamas, beach at Paradise Island

Bahamas Paradise Island


Without a doubt, the Bahamas is worldly famous for its spectacular beaches and exotic scattered cays. When the word is flashed on televisions or seen on magazines, Freeport and Nassau usually associate the island’s name.

Bahamas islands, Freeport beach

Vacation in Freeport Bahamas


The discovery of the islands of the Bahamas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 paved way to naming one of the largest island Gran Bajamar meaning “Great Shallows”. The name evolved through centuries and became Grand

Bahamas, isolated beach

Bimini Bahamas vacations


An alluring 40 sailing miles from the city of Miami, Florida, is a famous vacation destination for most of the Americans – the south and north Bimini Bahamas.

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