Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio beach

If you can’t get enough of the sea, sand, sun, and more sun, then Tamarindo, Costa Rica is definitely the place to be. Here, the sun sends its rays 365 days a year. Even if the days are warm, the evenings are pleasant with their share of cool tropical breeze. The rainy season does not hamper the year-round summer spirit. While the months from May to October bring short showers in the late afternoon, they actually add more charm to the beaches and allow great sunsets to occur.

Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio beach

Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio beach

The beach is about 3.5 kilometers long. It is defined by the powder white sand and clear blue waters. All the beaches in Tamarindo, Costa Rica are first-rates. The presence of the national parks plus the laidback atmosphere makes it one of the most visited places in Costa Rica.

Tourists flock to Tamarindo, Costa Rica basically to get a taste of the beaches, sport fishing, surfing, sailing, and other popular water sports. But it can offer more than that. Unknown to some, Tamarindo, Costa Rica has a lot more to show than its beaches. It has ATV tours, dirt bike and scooter rentals, jungle boat rides, golfing, art galleries, and crafts and pottery shops. The thrilling canopy tour is available as well. This adventure has 8 wires where one can freely glide, a bridge, and 14 platforms 30 or 40 meters above the ground. It is also home to over 40 restaurants which serve local and international dishes. Tamarindo, Costa Rica has first-class accommodations as well as those who are tight on the budget.

Mother Nature has blessed Tamarindo, Costa Rica with its share of natural wonders. Leatherback turtles can be seen laying their eggs on the sand. Howler monkeys can be heard just about anywhere in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Giant Iguanas are sometimes regulars in restaurants as they wait for table scraps. Birds screech, fly, and settle on branches as if reclaiming their spots.

Tamarindo, Costa Rico is considered the most accessible beach town in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It can easily be accessed by a bus however, taking a flight into the Liberia International Airport is the best way to reach Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Tourists should take precaution though because there have been several reported robberies, most especially car break-ins, over the past years.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica lets you live your dreams. The endless activities that are possible will not only let you get in touch with nature but allows you to overcome your fears. If you visit with the thought of just lounging on the beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica will enthrall you enough to let you try other things. If too much coffee makes you edgy, wait till you try the exciting activities available here.

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