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Barbados West coast

The Caribbean is a wide and diverse region with history, culture, nature and sports all intertwined. I work as a guide, and a common question is “What are the best activities I can do on my Caribbean Vacation?” It is a tough question to answer and has many answers depending on who is asking!

Diving and snorkeling in many places in the Caribbean is fantastic. The waters are usually clear, the reefs colorful and floating along watching the seabed unfold below you is as close to flying as most people will ever come1 It is one activity that every man, woman, and child should try! Snorkeling is cheaper, but diving is worth the cost!

Barbados West coast

Barbados West coast

A moonlight stroll is a must in most areas, especially on the smaller, less crowded islands. The lighting is nonexistent and the stars will shine even through thin clouds. It will be like a piece of black velvet with lighted diamonds over your head. To get the same effect, you need to get at least 60 miles for any city with over 100,000 people; hard to do in most places. The moonlight stroll is even better if you have some one special to share it!

Hiking and visiting the rain forest is a personal favorite for many. In the Caribbean Islands it is safer than places such as South America, Asia, or Africa. There are no poisonous snakes, large predators and remarkably few biting insects! There are giant trees, towering ferns and beautiful butterflies, and it is a real rain forest, even if the major dangers are accidents!

Dominican republic, Tropical sandy beach

Dominican republic, Tropical sandy beach

Another excellent activity to do on your Caribbean Vacation is eating! Is eating really an activity? It is in the Caribbean! Try the local lobster, the broiled Wahoo and Mahi Mahi. Check out what fresh fried plantains taste like or try some Tania fritters at a small local restaurant! Fine dining is an art and one that they have perfected in the Caribbean!

Other best activities include sailing and fishing (If you don’t get seasick), horseback riding, mountain biking and visiting the numerous historic sites. There is also sleeping in a hammock, windsurfing and sea kayaking. Some places have all night casinos and then there is dancing to the Caribbean Beat on the beach!

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