Top 10 Bermuda Beaches


Top Ten Bermuda Beaches
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25 Replies to “Top 10 Bermuda Beaches”

  1. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    OH MYYYY! beautiful beaches…we also have amazing beaches here in the Philippines, upon my favorite is the Panglao beach resort.

  2. dcfcrams4ever says:



    if you want to see the extreme side of bermuda!

  3. FISHGAL69 says:

    I would not include Snorkel Beach as one of the top beaches… one with equipment to rent, conveniently located for cruise ships yes. Best or very beautiful not really.

  4. nonfatting says:

    @77pinehead . You meant to say, “Premier”. Oh wait the year before that “Premier”. I can’t tell you last time there was a white premier. Maybe it was in the 80’s with David Saul. Try again ‘PinHead’.

  5. LedWhisky69 says:

    I wish Obama went on vacation to Bermuda instead of Martha’s Vineyard. That way, there would have been a chance he would have gotten lost in the Triangle.


  6. gatheringleaves says:

    why? what do they do

  7. Alecbalasny says:

    This will be my first time going there and it should be amazing

  8. chompachangas says:

    @jumpingonglass LoL We are hated everywhere, it’s nothing new.

  9. chompachangas says:

    I can’t wait, we are honeymooning there this summer. We really enjoy vacationing in British Territories and Commonwealths. We’ve been to Barbados and many parts of Canada. This will be our first trip to Bermuda.

  10. caleb79843 says:

    did that broad take off her top at 1:46?

  11. taritrott says:

    @SUPPERKAT Sex is not allowed here.

  12. MysticDMBherb says:

    We only went to Horeshoe, we picked a good one. I wouldn’t fuck around with the Dockyard one

  13. VR4154 says:

    Loved to find sand dollors. 

  14. tternab says:

    these are the best ones to go to we have waay more

  15. norththomas says:

    I’ve visited 9,8,7,5,4,3,2 & 1!

  16. razeqafiz says:

    Lucky u 😉

  17. jumpingonglass says:

    we hate the whites here

  18. theawesomeness29 says:

    horseshoe bay is absolutley amazing! highly recommend visiting bermuda ppl are extremely friendly although its a bit expensive in the end its worth it

  19. Devilviper1000 says:

    omg, they made a vid on this, i lived in bermuda for 7 years, there really is only 10 main beaches….

  20. Snipeouts says:

    check out my channel to see a did u know video and the world cutest bulldog

  21. Yokoso0Meko says:

    @Spetsop you should bermuda is really nice ^w^

  22. jdsanchez11 says:

    The beach at Nonsuch Island is nice too. It is not public though. I went there a couple times this summer. 🙂

  23. JessDiz says:

    @Titanic90452 awesome! Glad to hear it 😀

  24. Titanic90452 says:

    @JessDiz I went to Bermuda this summer and Imma tell u that I LOVED IT!I’d go back anytime, im not scared to visit cuz of what cpront said! I LOVE BERMUDA! And the dolphin quest near snrokle park was awesome!

  25. JessDiz says:

    @hurro67 yes but that doesn’t mean we are classified as being IN the UK.. just wanted to clarify bc saying we are “in” the UK only adds to many people’s geographic confusion lol

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